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Word Claims + QoL Update

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by Mouse

Greetings everyone!
We're here with an update that's going to make some things easier for everyone involved!


1) Word Claims and MYO item to slot transformations were moved to the new Start MYO Process prompt. They are now one step.
1.1) It's now mandatory to claim a word when you transform a Paralogos MYO item into a MYO slot.
1.2) Word Claims no longer expire.
2) Magic suggestions and questions were moved on-site to the new Magic Questions prompt.
3) General questions and inquiries can now, alternatively to dA notes, be sent in via the new Ask Questions Here prompt.
4) Signing up for the yearly Birthday gift is now done via claims instead of dA.
5) There is now a MYO Process page that explains the entire MYO process. It can be found in the "info" tab.

All these changes are reflected in the User Guide!


Word Claims are now mandatory and will no longer expire.

On this website, Word Claims are visibly attached to MYO slots, so we no longer require the Word Claims list.
When you want to check for existing Word Claims, you can simply type the word in the searchbar on the MYO Masterlist.

Because of this, Word Claims and MYO slot transformations are now one step via the Start MYO Process prompt.
All Word Claims that are currently not attached to MYO Slots can be seen on the Legacy Word Claims page.
Members who currently own MYO Slots without Word Claims or Word Claims without associated MYO Slots can fix this situation via the Start MYO Process prompt as well.

We furthermore determined that the expiration system (word claims expire after 3 months and have to be renewed) is no longer useful.
It was initially in place to prevent words to be lost to inactivity forever, but we realized that a case where someone claims a word that has previously been claimed is extremely rare and therefore not worth the immense effort to prevent it.
Instead, we are putting a soft rule in place where we allow members to contest Word Claims that are at least two years old.
The exact functionality of this system can be read up on on the Legacy Word Claim page.

Existing Word Claims can be changed or removed via the Start MYO Process prompt.
You can now also trade or gift MYO slots with attached Word Claims.


The Lorekeeper framework received an update that allows us to reply to prompt submissions. Meaning that we can now use prompts to give verbal feedback.
Because of this, we are moving the following functions to this website:

1.1) Magic Suggestions (now Magic Questions)
1.2) Making sure you Paralogos' Magic Ability will be approved (now Magic Questions)
1.3) Magic-related Questions (now Magic Questions)
2) General Questions/replacement for dA notes (now Ask Questions Here)
3) Sign-Up for the Birthday Feature (now done via Claims, see the User Guide for details)


Again, thank you all so much for your patience!
If you have any question or feedback at all, feel free to test out our new Ask Questions Here prompt! =)