15 May 2020 (3 years ago)

Hello! This is mewhaku (she/her + 30 years old) speaking... I own my own Closed Species, Paralogos & Whifflings!

Take a peek at my DeviantArt here.  For more social media, here's my Cardd! (Commissions Link here)

Other ARPG sites I'm on, as per Toyhouse Bulletin!

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the site or any species on it, please feel free to contact me!

Also, I now have a Trello! Trying to keep this updated.



164 Ink
318 Bottlecaps
Recent Items
Pembroke Signature Memento
General Goodie Bag
Scavenger Map ToT Bag Memento
Paralogos ToT Bag
Paralogos Achievements
Whiffling Achievements

Characters / Paralogos / Whifflings / Caretakers


Phantomuni-wolf Avatar

Pretty sure I own spider cupcake fox as well? Or am I mistaken?

2023-09-06 14:06:23

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Hey there, I bought them a long time ago from you and I raffled them to a new owner previously. I can pull the old Masterlist listing out of storage with your comment record if you'd like!
EDIT: Here you go, even better a TH log -
2nd EDIT: I realize my grammar sucked, so I corrected 'we had a sale' to - "I bought them"

2023-09-06 15:39:57 (Edited 2023-09-06 21:30:19)

Phantomuni-wolf Avatar

Oh that's right! Okay sorry my mistake. Thank you 😊🙏

2023-09-11 01:58:34

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