Linguan Preserve

The Linguan Preserve is currently open. We hope everyone finds new friends here!

At the Linguan Preserve, Paralogos and Whifflings find themselves a bit lost and wanting a new Caretaker or friend, and some Caretakers would like a new friend in general.

You walk into something between a greenhouse and library, large walls- hologram plants and flowers. Light streams in from above.

"Why hello there!" Afina, a Forget-Me-Not Cat Whiffling said excitedly. She walks up to you quickly.

"I've seen many residents of Lingua hang around here, I do what I can to help them stay comfortably. Some are shy, some are more headstrong. No one has become a Rogue here, however."

Afina looked over at the residents of this Preserve, and smiled. "Maybe you can get to know someone and befriend them?" She smiled sweetly. Perhaps you will. "Oh! Any fees go towards taking care of this place. After all, the Caretakers here help out- but they do need to eat.", Afina chuckled. "The 'blanks' need special looking after too..."


You will be compensated half the original cost of a MYO Slot for bringing a character (whether a MYO slot with CONFIRMED Word or Scent choice or an actual approved character) to the preserve (+10 of said currency for any rarer traits or Magic (past Tier 1)/Wisdom acquisition), or 20 Ink or Caps for a Caretaker (depending on how they were bonded). Please note that Caretakers can only be brought here if they were previously bonded to other characters, they WILL be un-bonded once brought here. 

Companions and Pets cannot be brought to the Preserve alone, they must come here with a Paralogos or Whiffling. They'll be transferred to the new owner of the "main" character once the main is adopted.

Please be aware that by putting a Paralogos, Whiffling, or Caretaker character up for adoption, you are consenting that they be put up for sale to a member- likely not yourself. There is no guarantee you will get them back once they are surrendered, so make sure you want to go through with it. This is a permanent decision!

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