[Gift] Spelunking Moment

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[Gift] Spelunking Moment
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In Paralogos Art ・ By Mouse

had a breakdown, drew this, bon appetite

( gift for SpicyIsopods bc my subconscious decided your para needed to be drawn )

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SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Deyan] GOSH this was such a delightful surprise!! What an AWESOME art of Ozark -- I absolutely adore this style! It has a nice subtle texture to it that's really pleasing to look at, and the LIGHTING! HOLY HECK. I am absolutely mesmerized by how you did the lighting from their headlamp. Also: their eye! This pose! The BACKGROUND! Is so! PRETTY! Everything about this is an absolutely delight! Thank you so much again!! <333

2022-08-21 15:04:04

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