[Gift] Aeon (Synthwave) - Intraspecies Opinion

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"Intraspecies Opinion" Wisdom Task for Aeon (Synthwave)

[Gift] Aeon (Synthwave) - Intraspecies Opinion
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In Wisdom Tasks ・ By kazulthedragon

A budding friendship developing between the two Paralogos, Aeon agrees to allow Kara to study their cybernetic anatomy in detail. They end up meeting outside the downtown music shop, where Music just so happens to be browsing. Excited to show off their robotic prosthetic, Aeon eagerly twists their arm and uncouples the locking mechanism, fully detaching the limb from their body.

"Tada!" Aeon trumpets.
"Fascinating..." Kara mutters.
"Gross!!" Music exclaims.


Aeon thrives off of attention from others, whether it be positive or negative. They are generally a friendly critter and make acquaintances fairly easily, but sometimes their quirks make other Paralogos shy away.

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