The Search for Knowledge

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“Does this really need to take this long?”


Iron growled under his breath, a plume of dark smoke rising into the air. It’s not that he didn’t appreciate the search for knowledge, per say… But lingering in these ruins didn’t sit well with him.
… Well to be fair, he knew it was complicated for Hesperos, so it wasn’t like it was all fun and games. But it was more woven into Hesperos- needing to know.
So here they were. Iron had come to help, in theory, but his patience had worn thin with how thorough Hesperos could be. 

At least Gaiane seemed blissfully unaware, as cats are apt to be- they simply napped by Hesperos’ feet while it dug through the rubble.
They were theoretically here to help too, but it might have just been moral support. (As again, it tends to be with cats.)

Eventually, Hesperos rose from the ruins it had been shifting through, hopping down the step to Iron’s side. Gaiane noticed after a moment, hopping and fluttering onto its shoulder and settling back down, seemingly to try to continue the nap.
Iron eyed the pair from the side.

“Done, then?”

“This area, yeah.”

Another plume of frustrated smoke- “Does it ever end with you!?”

Hesperos grinned, seemingly catching the vaguely affectionate tone in what you have otherwise only been anger. “You know that the ~search for knowledge~ never really ends, don’t you? You’re not that much of a fool.”
With that, Hesperos begins off in a new direction, not checking behind it to see if Iron follows.
It doesn’t need to check- it knows he will, and indeed, he does with a snort.

He’s not that easy to get rid off- Hesperos will just need to deal with the complaining.

The Search for Knowledge
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