Whiffling Pet Magic is Here!

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Hey everyone!
We are happy to announce the Whiffling Pet Magic feature is finally here!

Our main NPC character for this is Vardan, who also has a little pet who's gained a magical ability...


You can read all about it in the new Annex 6 - Pet Magic.
Alongside this new feature, we have also taken a moment to update the Paralogos Magic Annex to be a bit easier to comprehend (and to no longer refer to dA, oops).

We have the new Prompt here for Magic Acquisition in Whiffling Pets. We also have a new Gallery folder for it here!

With this, another chunk of the Whiffling Achievements have become earnable. This should make earning a Maverick Whiffling possible.
We are also happy to announce that we are actively working on getting the Crowns feature ready for release as well, so that soon all Whiffling Achievements will be obtainable! Thanks all for your patience. =D

EDIT: A small note, to keep things more consistent- De-Maginator / Spark of Insight were added to the Ink Market and removed from the Snapshot Shop to make its lineup more consistent with Whiffle Wares' item options!


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