The Crossing is Here

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Hello all! We're bringing a new feature online.

Welcome to The Crossing. The Whiffling Breeding feature!

And so it finally returns with some new tips and tricks, new features and an updated system overall!

We've got a new Breeding Prompt. We've updated the Redesign Page fully too! Now with updated pricing and Whiffling options officially stated! We've been hard at work getting these out, so a major thank you to our Admin Team for all their hard work!

EDIT: As a result, Twin Potion items have now appeared in the Whiffle Wares shop as well!

The Lore section has been fully updated with all recent The Year of Competition Prompts as well, and the headers cleaned up too.

We will have an additional bit of Lore information coming out soon for how Whiffling Crossing works in world, but we hope that the information on the Breeding page will help to sate any curiousity until then!

We also heartily thank tamingofthesandshrew for their service and time in the group, but due to offline busy-ness they have chosen to step down in their position officially. So that is why they are no longer on the Official Artists page. Thank you again Taming!


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Thank you so much to Taming for all your hard work! I hope real life eases up soon, but that you can still enjoy all the time and work you’ve put in here. ;w;

2022-10-04 16:14:40

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