Earning Currency

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These are the rates in which you can earn ink & bottlecaps for every to the group submitted art piece - from yourself and/or of your Paralogos or Whifflings.


How to earn Ink and Bottlecaps

To be able to earn ink (Paralogos currency) or bottlecaps (Whiffling currency) from something (art/writing/etc), you must submit it to the Gallery located on the World of Lingua website.

Note: You can retrospectively earn ink or bottlecaps if you've submitted art to the dA group before you had a library record/website account. 
Simply submit it to the Off-Site Currency Rewards prompt retrospectively. 


  1. Only the artist of a piece has to submit it to the on-site Gallery for every eligible party to earn their respective currencies (Ink or Bottlecaps) from an artwork/literature/etc, unless this is artwork not made by you and is uploaded off-site, in which case you will submit it to the Off-Site Currency Rewards prompt.
    • You will always have to submit a piece to the on-site Gallery to earn default currency, even if it was made for a different prompt (f.e. magic/wisdom/monthly prompt/etc).
    • For additional rewards (f.e. magic/wisdom bonus, monthly prompt bonuses, etc) you additionally have to submit a link to the gallery upload of the piece to the relevant prompt.
    • An additional note on Co-Owned characters. When a Co-owned character is in a participating artwork or writing piece, both owners receive the same awards as if they were the sole owner for that character's participation.
    • Also- a note on using art that's on a base or otherwise has reused elements-- you MUST include a link to either the base/reused element itself or to another piece of art on the same base/containing the same element. Aka, this is a rule for YCHs and similar. This is to make valuing easier for Library Assistants. [rule added: 1/16/24]
  2. If you're using the Off-Site Currency Rewards prompt, please fill out the following form.
    • You are free to either a) add the portrayed characters to your prompt submission via the "add character" option or b) use the "Character Details" line in the given form.
    • It's not required to do both - doing either a) or b) is enough.

Character Details: (Which characters are portrayed in the artwork? Who do they belong to?)
(if YCH) Reused Work Details: (Which parts of the artwork are reused? f.e. "reused lineart" or "reused pose sketch & background", etc)
(if literature) Word Count: 



Ink 1-icon.png or Bottlecaps 2-icon.png will be distributed based on what category your piece of art will fall in:

1. Commissioner's Bonus

If someone else creates art of your Paralogos or Whiffling (either as a commission or a gift), you will receive the first amount of ink or bottlecaps. (The first number in the range)

2. Commissioned/My Own

If you draw your own Paralogos or Whiffling (for any reason) or draw someone else's (as a commissioned work or part of a trade), you will receive the second amount of ink or bottlecaps. (The second number in the range)

3. Gift Art

If you draw somebody else's Paralogos or Whiffling as gift art (no payment received), you will receive the third amount of ink. (The third number in the range)



2D Art (Digital/Traditional)


Headshots and Busts:

[anything that's showing less than 50% of the Paralogos or Whiffling]

Sketch: 1-3 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Lineart: 2-4 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Black & White Shading: 3-5 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Flat Colour: 3-5 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Coloured Shading: 5-7 1-icon.png2-icon.png

(not counting backgrounds/animations)


[anything that's showing 50% or more of the Paralogos or Whifflings]

Sketch: 2-4 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Lineart: 3-5 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Black & White Shading: 5-7 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Flat Colour: 5-7 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Colour & Shading: 7-9 1-icon.png2-icon.png

(not counting backgrounds/animations)


[art of a Paralogos or Whiffling that has the dimensions 100x100 or less]*
(NEW!) meaning that no matter the canvas size, if the Paralogos itself is 100x100 or smaller, it'll count as pixelart

Headshots and Busts: 
Sketch/Lineart: 1-3 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Colored/Shaded: 2-4 1-icon.png2-icon.png

Sketch/Lineart: 2-4 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Colored/Shaded: 3-5 1-icon.png2-icon.png

(not counting backgrounds/animations)

Additional Bonuses for 2D Art

Anything from this category that applies to an artwork gets added onto its base value (see above).


Simple: 1-3 1-icon.png2-icon.png

This includes anything abstract background-wise. (As long as your background isn't a single color, you're good)

Complex: 3-5 1-icon.png2-icon.png

This includes backgrounds which depict a scenery (This implies the existence of concrete elements in the fore- and/or background, f.e. plants, furniture, etc)


A note: Images which contain both species will have a doubled background currency earn, half in Ink, half in Bottlecaps. (So a Complex background of art made of your own characters would earn +4 Ink and +4 Bottlecaps).



[*.gif or similar animations that are meant to enhance a 2D artwork - for longer animations/videos, refer to the "Other Types of Art" category below]

Simple: 1-3 1-icon.png2-icon.png

This includes small animations on parts of the image, f.e. blinking or sparkling.

Average: 3-5 1-icon.png2-icon.png

This includes significant movements on parts of the character, f.e. bobbing or tail movements.

Complex: 6-8 1-icon.png2-icon.png

This includes anything where the whole character performs complex movements, f.e. running or flying.

Companions and Pets:

Companions have to be officially attached to the Paralogos' or Whiffling's masterlist entry to count for this ink or bottlecap bonus.

Headshots and Busts: 
Sketch/Lineart: 0-2 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Colored/Shaded: 1-3 1-icon.png2-icon.png

Sketch/Lineart: 1-3 1-icon.png2-icon.png
Colored/Shaded: 2-4 1-icon.png2-icon.png

Caretakers & Humanized AU art:

Caretakers have to be officially attached to the Paralogos' or Whiffling's masterlist entry to count for this ink bonus.

EDIT: As of July 15th, 2024 - this is now the same as Paralogos & Whiffling character art values! Companions and Pets are still the slightly reduced rates.

Calculating Collaborations          Calculating Reused Work




Other Types of Creations



Unlike drawn arts, literature gives rewards purely based on word count, and there are no additional bonuses.

However, just like with drawn arts, literature is split up into 3 categories:

Category 1: Commissioner's Bonus
You'll receive 1 1-icon.png or 2-icon.png for every 100 words.

Category 2: Commissioned/My Own
You'll receive 1 1-icon.png or 2-icon.png for every 75 words.

Category 3: Gift Art
You'll receive 1 1-icon.png or 2-icon.png for every 50 words.

We round up if you're over halfway to the next milestone!


If both 1-icon.png and 2-icon.png are to be awarded, because your written work has both Paralogos and Whifflings, the final tally will be split in half, so you get half 1-icon.png and half 2-icon.png.

Even here, we round up: If you were to earn 5 currency, that should be 2.5 for both currencies. Instead, you'll receive 3 1-icon.png and 32-icon.png!


For a written work to count as gift art, the character owned by someone else must have an active participation in the writing.
This means just being mentioned by a character or being part of the background crowd is not enough.

On the other hand, if they have a single spoken line or if they're performing some action in the background crowd, that would already count.


For the sake of transparency: Wordcounter.net will always be used to get an accurate word count.

It is advised for users to do the same before submission, to get the same results in word count.

3D Art (digital/physical) / Videos (animations/animatics/etc) / Other Unmentioned Types of Art

Ink earnings for 3D art, videos and other types of art that were not mentioned anywhere on this journal will be determined on a case-by-case basis to make sure efforts that go above and beyond get properly rewarded.