Magic Lvl 2 Nyx

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Magic Lvl 2 Nyx
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Nyx loves to explore haunted locations

Recently when trying to find new locations she had realized she could "feel" when a location was "haunted" or not, when she would get responses from the otherworld whether it be through an EMF detector far off down the corridor (since they dont exactly work around her) or a slight knock on a wall here and there...

Bet those ghost hunters she sometimes hangs out with are thankful for that!

This piece is showing two sides to her level two ability to "communicate" with a "haunted" location
On the left she is raising a thumb up to say its haunted, and on the right with the more broken down house she is saying it is not haunted by shaking her finger.

Its second level magic would be worded as such:
This Paralogos has the ability to sense when a location is "haunted" or not

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