[Gift] Hitchin A Ride

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[Gift] Hitchin A Ride
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SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Roan] Oh, how wonderful! Thank you very much for this -- what a lovely and kind gift. All of the flowers in this image are beautifully drawn. I hope you didn't hurt your hand too much drawing all those petals. The shapes of the leaves all look fantastic, as well. Very good work all around. Also, I quite like the way you drew Kiku's face. It's very cute and reads quite clearly as a Parasaurolophus face.

[Mulch] thank you from me as well. i will never tire of seeing my sona in your style -- especially those fuzzy ears, which you always draw so well -- and it is nice to see him interacting with both roan and kiku. this is the first art of me and roan interacting directly, despite the fact that we actually interact relatively frequently. i quite like the background, as well. the flower pattern is beautifully drawn, and the colors complement the primarily warm-colored designs nicely.

2022-10-09 11:49:21

Inkcess Avatar

I'm glad y'all like how it turned out!

2022-10-15 09:29:55

Inkcess Avatar

oops, double post

2022-10-15 09:29:54 (Edited 2022-10-15 09:30:14)

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