[Gift] Artfight 2022 Mass Attack

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The world of Lingua is barren.

But just for today, Paralogos and Whifflings of all sorts come together and combine their magicks, to create a tiny patch of eden. 

The greedy humans will find it soon and strip it of these fresh resources, surely.

But just for today, they'll enjoy paradise.

[Gift] Artfight 2022 Mass Attack
12 ・ 6
In Mixed Species Art ・ By PaisleyPerson

Character (Username) - Size


Nyx (Fulgarite) - Fullbody

Suree (PaisleyPerson) - Fullbody

Dawn (Inkcess) - Fullbody

Pearl (FNGaymer) - Fullbody

Ruß (phoenixwashere) - Bust

Momo (Numiauri) - Fullbody

Violet WHIFF (Oboe) - Fullbody (in tree)

Diaemus (bio-zuzu) - Fullbody

Redivi (Affabledragon/Jingletail) - Fullbody

Shapeshifter (Howee) - Fullbody

Sneaky Serval WHIFF (Speedy) - Headshot

Atlas (SpicyIsopods) - Fullbody

Calavera WHIFF (Keilime/Kei) - Fullbody (on Diaemus's head)

Stray (Provie) - Fullbody

Manda (dessieh/Andie) - Headshot

Iris (KazultheDragon) - Fullbody

Nadzeya WHIFF (Promptobeans) - Fullbody (on Sugar's back)

Sugar (PlatonicHarmonics) - Fullbody

Chrysanthemum (Noneary/Shane) - Fullbody

Monterey (Cryptokinku) - Fullbody

Ginko (Mewhaku) - Fullbody

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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Mattress] hHHHOOOLLY HECKTY THIS!!! IS COOL AS HECK!!! woo lokm at all these fun poses and stuuf!! thanks for including m y sona, he lookks so cute in yiur styk.le!! the way he;s hlaying down almost makesoit look like his dgrassy tail is becomeing one waith the graasy gorund!! and who could rewswist that cute widdle FAAAACCEEE~ oooh oh ooh and his grass seed lihjts look GREAT too!! <333

[Deyan] GOSH this whole scene really is just GORGEOUS!! So many fun poses, and I'm loving all the different sizes and body builds! Look at all those teeny tiny whifflings... ALSO I would like to state for the record that I love how you stylize para faces!!

2022-08-12 01:46:52

Inkcess Avatar

This is BEAUTIFUL, thank you again for including Dawn!

2022-08-03 11:31:19

Numiauri Avatar

Omg Momo is so cute here, ty for including them ;v;

2022-08-01 21:11:09

FNGaymer Avatar

I'M SCREAMING OMG, TYSVM FOR INCLUDING PEARL!! All of the Paras look amazing!

2022-08-01 14:59:54

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Seriously seriously beautiful and amazing ;_;

2022-08-01 14:27:27

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