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26 Aug 1998

[FNGaymer is short for Friendly Neighborhood Gaymer!]   
Riley [Nicknames are Ry, Rook, Friendly Neighborhood Gaymer, FNGaymer, and FNG!] | Ambiamorous Agenderflux Demiromantic Aceflux Trixic | Check my link.tree for my pronouns, commissions, and other social media! | 23 | Virgo | INFJ


Pagedoll above by RandomPurpleKitty
(Yes, it is my sona in Spider-Man's FFH suit- I am a HUGE MCU nerd shdhhs)

Howdy! I'm Riley, but feel free to call me Ry and Rook as well! I'm your typical gaming and digital artist nerd with a huge love for animals.  
Welcome to my profile! I hope you have a blessed day!!

Note: Please read all of my characters' toyhouses for their personalities, likes, and dislikes before drawing them! If they don't have a bio yet, it's likely that they aren't open for art as I'm working on either figuring that character out or editing them!

P.S. If you know me and previously used any older names that are not on any of my profiles anymore, please don't use any of them for me anymore. I would appreciate it if you used one of my current names- or feel free to suggest one yourself! Thank you for reading this! 

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