[Gift] Science Fair and Bake Sale!

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[Gift] Science Fair and Bake Sale!
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Looks like everyone got together for a science fair/bake sale!

Wonder whats going on!


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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Deyan] Oh this is such a FUN SCENE! LOVE THIS!! You did an amazing job with this -- the slightly-from-above vantage point makes it easier to see everybody and their activities more clearly! You're always so good at working from strategic vantage points in your art~ I'm also loving all the different poses and expressions happening, here!

Thank you SO MUCH for including both X and Maryoshka here! They're both science nerds, so this is a perfect scene to include them in!! I especially love how you drew Mar's leafy sail and colored X's markings~ <333

2022-05-29 22:16:48

Numiauri Avatar

Oh I didn't realize you'd included Worm, this is so cute Fulg~

2022-05-11 23:31:35

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