[Gift] Treats, please!

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Lots of Paralogos friends gather on Halloween night at Treat's house for.. well, treats!

[Gift] Treats, please!
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PromptoBeans: Gift For
Shadonut: Gift For
Shrike: Gift For
draculaelliot: Gift For
bio-zuzu: Gift For
Provie: Gift For
PaisleyPerson: Gift For
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draculaelliot Avatar

That looks GORGEOUS!!! Thank you for including my baby!! Also fun fact: Naruto and I share a birthday!!

2022-10-04 14:48:58

kazulthedragon Avatar

You're welcome, and what a fun coincidence!

2022-10-06 13:15:48

Provie Avatar

Oh, how cute! Thanks for including Kepler!

2022-10-04 11:10:17

kazulthedragon Avatar

You're welcome! I think their design is so neat!

2022-10-06 13:16:05

PromptoBeans Avatar

Thank you for including my lil Treat! This looks amazing~

2022-10-04 05:27:12

kazulthedragon Avatar

You're welcome, and thank you!

2022-10-06 13:16:31

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