Annex 4 - Recent Events

(A non-lore summary of all past World of Lingua events can be found here!)


Perhaps before the arrival or at least re-discovery of Wicked Paralogos, a lone woman in a towering “spiral” of a building in Sermos began to keep a diary. She is isolated, a bit drawn away from Sermos and its surrounding areas. She is Ginkgo’s caretaker and he wanders out and about– though he doesn’t speak much when he returns. 

She keeps a fairly well contained home for a variety of Paralogos and Whifflings. This woman must be rich considering the amount of natural materials and books this tower contains. 

Let us peer into her diary together, to see what has happened recently enough in the World of Lingua.

Year One

“It seemed that this year, many new Paralogos appeared. My house feels full again after such a long time. I am happy to see so many new faces. A little one, named Ginkgo, I’ve become quite close to. He always seems so cheery. It seems he brought along friends with him over time- Lily, and Amber. Amber (Aldric) is quite concerned about the organization of the libraries around my tower. Lily seems to shy away from me and the others… but Ginkgo is always welcoming.” 

“I have heard from the outside that not only have more Paralogos been appearing, but that all sorts of older languages were being chosen by them as their word focuses. It has been some time since I learned about the long forgotten Latin language– but I suppose one can never brush up enough on their skills.”


Year Two

“A new scientific journal has come in, detailing Paralogos "levels". It seems researchers have been able to categorize these creatures in some sort of discernable way. It matters to me not much, but more have joined me here in my tower.”

“Around Halloween, or All Hallows Eve as some call it, a Paralogos based around a ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ ended up running here after some time out and about. He came up disheveled on my step. I've decided to house him of course, and he seems to have been bringing some festive cheer to the others, particularly Ginkgo.”

“Not too long after this, another editorial has come around. This one I have contributed to about the state of the world. Things… do seem grim, but I find respite when I look at the faces around me and speak to my contacts outside of my tower.”


Year Three

“It seemed another scientific annex of sorts came in not too long after the year’s turn. It detailed information on beings known as Companions who seem to attach themselves to a Paralogos. Ginkgo came alone of course, but one does wonder more about how these beings arise from the world itself…”

“More scientific research work came through my purview. This time detailing Magical Abilities of Paralogos. Again, it seemed Ginkgo didn’t possess much– his colors change around the season’s turn. This is fine. I worry for other Paralogos who may be targeted for some of their special abilities however. It seems though that many Paralogos find themselves in the care of good people however. Information was cataloged which details how these bonds continue to grow and flourish.” 

“There was a celebration down in Sermos of sorts, I don’t think I participated. No one comes to really visit up here. Which is fine. My group of Paralogos has steadily grown, I’ve taken in many. I can provide for them with my library.”

“The summer has been intense now. I’ve been thankful for only infrequent power outages. I feel for the Paralogos staying here, they’ve all been hiding away in cooler corners of this tower.”

“Many children in Lingua return to their schooling, and as do I return to some remote teaching. It is the least I can do, to help others learn about proper care of their spaces for Paralogos and themselves. It seems Ginkgo even tried to travel to a campus.”

“A chill wind blows through Halloween here. Jack, as I’ve been calling him, always seems to have a wonderful time. I believe there was some talk of looking for ghosts. What a fun bunch! A Paralogos based around the word “Cauldron” also joined my crew this year. She seems quite spirited.”

“Ah… perhaps there was more to be told than simply ‘ghosts’. A longer form article I helped to write on Wicked Paralogos was formally published in this colder 10-11th month. It seems like the weather is not improving, only the harshest of weather conditions are predicted to come to Sermos in particular over the coming weeks. I do worry again for anyone out in the freezing temperatures. I am looking forward to handling some small gift exchanges this year amongst friends. I hope the Paralogos enjoy it. I’ve enlisted the aid of a younger Paralogos based around the word Holly for this.”

Year Four

“A new year, and so many new events. A wandering Wizard (Paralogos) stopped by the tower today. I hope that they were successful in their potion making endeavors. Curious little fellow for sure. I wasn’t of much help I’m afraid.”

“Many of the smaller Paralogos residing here with the coming of Spring seemed to have a little event unto themselves. I wonder if the taller ones will have a similar one at another time.”

“As the year progresses I find myself very busy with my work… I have been intensive in my studies and work teaching remotely at the local university as the school year came to a close. I detailed my studies of the Paralogos Life Cycle around July of this year.”

“And lo, summer continued and many of the resultant yearly activities came and went. It was hot again, and I found myself staying inside somehow more than I already was.”

“Around the 10th month of this year, I was finally able to release some chronicled information about the Paralogos ‘Wisdom’ phenomenon that I’d been gathering for time with help from Ginkgo of course. It seems there are many tasks that help a Paralogos’ Wisdom grow– which makes Magic usage much less strenuous for them as well.”

“Around this time it seemed Jack got into some hijinks with Paralogos in the city– some pranksters and some such. I’m glad it seems many are having a grand time, even if I don’t find pranks too funny myself.”

“At the close of the year– it seemed like distant cracks, almost ‘holes’ appeared near my tower. I observed that nothing exited them, nor did anything enter them. Windows of past events fluttered through these portals– Ginkgo found himself cowering a bit at the sight of them. I fear the situation, only slightly, but I find many of these events familiar thanks to my diary.”


Year Five

“The Wicked Paralogos, focus of ‘Time’, was behind the windows peering into the past. It seems, according to my network, that they are now residing calmly somewhere in Sermos at least. I am certain the windows will dissipate with, well, time.”

“It is February and of all the things I saw Ginkgo running around with sunglasses. Preposterous...sitting in my tower I will review my research further on the Companion phenomenon I’ve continued to notice amongst Paralogos here in Sermos.”

“With Spring comes a time for planting what flora and foliates we can. I normally simply tend to my inner tower’s garden, but Ginkgo did bring me out to some surrounding more desolate grounds. I’ll do what I can to help. Some worry about Paralogos disappearing if we heal the world of Lingua. I do not worry. They certainly will be the key to restoring Lingua’s former abundance.”

“As the year continues more and more Paralogos have appeared, some already with Companions rather than them appearing only while in a human’s care. It is very intriguing to note.”

“A younger one joined my tower today- Souvenirs d’ enfance, ‘Childhood Memories’ if I remember my languages properly. He found an older camera in my storage, and has begun cataloging various Paralogos around the property and seemingly elsewhere. Some of these photos have revealed Paralogos appearance changes over time… which is even more curious.”

“Not too long after this, a Paralogos whose word focus was of Libraria came to my front door. Known as Libra, they were handing out information on PALS’ (The Paralogos And Librarian Society) new reward system for Paralogos in particular. I have informed Ginkgo of this new development, though he seems to be not too determined to go after the seals. I’m happy to see the community of Paralogos and Caretakers improving here in Sermos and elsewhere as well. It makes my heart happy to see it.”

“The year wanes from Summer into Fall. Not much of note has happened. I hear rumblings of minor events from the Paralogos that reside here. I will continue my work.”

“Unfortunately I have heard of a disturbance in an area of Sermos- Libra’s bookstore had a break-in where some books were stolen. It is concerning, considering these were rather prized copies. I’m not sure what this means, if anything, in the larger scope of things. Meanwhile, I myself finished work compiling information on how the phenomenon known as Bonds seems to work. Along with more formalized information on Caretakers themselves.”


Year Six

“It seems a few Paralogos are missing in Sermos, I hope they will be found soon. I am still most concerned by the break in that occurred not too long ago. Ginkgo went out to try and find some information…”

“Upon Ginkgo’s return, he had brought some new- friends? I was wary upon seeing three Paralogos at my door, but they assured me no harm would come my way. To my understanding, these were Rogue Paralogos. I was aware of such beings’ existence considering my research, but these three were rather intense in personality themselves. They did explain there was a village or group of more Rogues, of which my immediate concern was that should that be discovered, there may be humans with ill-intent. My discussion with the wisest of the three continued long into the night.”

“The Rogue Paralogos took their leave not too long after. Libra’s books were returned for the most part, though I did donate some copies myself to ensure the Rogues could sustain themselves. I do hope the wise one… I cannot remember their focus… comes back to visit sometime soon. Libra was quite worried and distressed over the books missing, but was relieved once I brought them myself to their bookshop. The physical relief was noticeable as well. I suppose this proves that Paralogos do need to be near enough to some form of their word focus (and real books) to sustain themselves.”

“Back enough to normal. I continue my writing on the Paralogos species. I’ve compiled some information on how their ‘lights’ work. Their lights and the control of such have a deep connection to their magical abilities. It is all connected it seems.”

“Some rumblings of trouble in Sermos nearby. Infrequent power outages, though I have generators. I continue compiling my work into a tome I’m calling the World of Lingua. Who knows if I’ll ever complete it, but it brings me some funding and also peace of mind to have the ongoing project. I will continue to hole up here away from the chaos as much as I can. I imagine things will calm down sooner than later.”

“The rumblings of the Rogue Village as I’ve been calling it seem to continue. Not that any of my own tower’s residents seem to be concerned, but on the rare excursion for me out in town I hear whisperings of Paralogos very upset with usage of technology. I mean, it is understandable to some degree considering they thrive on the lack thereof. I do hope that Paralogos who are stressed over this concern can find some peace.”

“Amidst all of these stressors, it does seem that Paralogos in general were observed gifting one another creative creations. I saw as much in my own little troupe. Jack in particular gifted Ginkgo a rather spooky drawing. Who knew Jack could be such an artist!”

“Speaking of Jack, more shenanigans occurred around Halloween this year. It is one of my favorite holidays, so I can’t be too upset.”

“As the Fall continues, it seems I’m missing some pages of my research work. I asked Ginkgo about it, but he was unsure what happened. It was very odd. I’ll keep looking.”

“It has been a rather troublesome year it seems, with the various events occurring. A bit stressful for all involved. I’ll try to keep a positive mind going forward to the end of the year however.”


Year Seven

“Ah… it is starting to be an odd year. Wicked Paralogos: Mystery and Victory, both have appeared and without danger found new homes. No other major incidents have happened, though the Spring events in Sermos are beginning soon next month.”

“As February has passed, it seems more attention to nature is being paid by Paralogos and humanity alike. It seems even as March arrived, flowers began to spring up. Planted by whom I wonder?”

“I sent Ginkgo out to research this strange turn of events, as I heard that people were reporting seeing ‘elves’ of some sort. It was quite strange. Ginkgo came back with… a little dragon-like creature. It said its ‘scent focus’ was also Ginkgo of all things, though his name is Gin. He introduced himself politely as a being known as a Whiffling. A sort of parallel being to Paralogos, but more worldly in that they do not need to sustain themselves with a human produced object. Instead of a word focus, they have a scent focus. This is quite exciting news.”

“I’ve delved into working on cataloging all of the information Gin has given me. The variety of traits the Whiffling species has goes far and beyond what observable defined traits we can see in Paralogos. I have also provided a basic information journal on Whifflings to share with the greater community in Sermos and elsewhere. A busy few months are coming up to be sure.”

“In June of this year, it seemed a larger new festival was occurring. A Pride parade. Not to disclose too much about myself, but as a demi-individual I found the idea comforting that others could go out at large and celebrate themselves. Paralogos and Whifflings alike are joining in the fun. Ginkgo himself wore Aromantic accessories. Two little Whifflings who have begun to reside in my tower were celebrating their relationship as well. It makes me smile to say the least.”

“The Whifflings are settling right here at home in the tower. A Red Rose Whiffling named Vardan is getting along well with Aldric (Amber - Paralogos). They both work on keeping track of all the records here. Gin and Ginkgo are getting along well as always, Gin being a particular pleasure to speak with. A local theater is setting up a new play, perhaps I’ll recommend some of the more drama-inclined members of the tower here to join in.”

“Moving into October, a new Whiffling came to my tower, asking to be of aid in the celebrations. Monty, a Mont Blanc Whiffling, seems to have what can be considered Devilish trait qualities. He and Jack almost immediately hit it off, getting up to some tricks. It ended up with an entire suite of Goodie Bags being handed out around Halloween. It seemed to go off without a hitch, and many of the local residents enjoyed themselves. I should participate more next year…”

“Heading into the colder months though, it is hard to see much of the joy earlier displayed. Snowdrifts get deeper and deeper. I’m holed up here with Paralogos and Whifflings galore, some being friends of mine and others strangers. It seems a bit of a tricky Whiffling snuck in and was up to something… though some gifts did appear too. I’m not sure what happened. Unsure. I hope next year can be a bit calmer.”


Year Eight

“A new year begins- it is not calm unfortunately. A Whiffling that looked a bit odd showed up here– Focus of Amber. It seems this one is a Maverick Whiffling, the Wicked Paralogos equivalent. With her help, I wrote a new document on Maverick Whifflings.”

“It seemed a younger Paralogos was curious about power levels between the two types of creatures: Wicked Paralogos and Maverick Whifflings. Victory (Wicked Paralogos) jump started this competition talk.”

“This year suddenly began going as if it were a blur– I’m certain that various goings ons happened, but I fell a bit ill. Ginkgo would tell me different discussions and talk. So would Gin. I remember Professional Accumulators of Whiffling Scents (PAWS) beginning a Whiffling division with a Rainwater Whiffling named Canto. So they had their own collection system for special bottle caps.”

“I had hoped I would improve, but I remained in a state of fever. I told my companions to please go out and enjoy activities– such as an art exchange. Which I’m sure they did. But I feel so weak. I need to regain my strength.”

“Working on my own health, a young Whiffling named Afina (Forget-Me-Not) helped me finalize some preparations here at my home for something I’d been wanting to set up for some time. I call it the Linguan Preserve. (Also known as the Adoption Center.) It is an addition to my home where I can bring in volunteers and allow homeless Paralogos, Whifflings, and others for recovery and care. It brings me peace knowing I can provide a sanctuary like this for so many.” 

“Pride month came again in June, and with it a similarly large festival as last year. It seems despite my sickness, more joy is coming through this year. I’m not done for yet I hope! That’s what Gin keeps saying at least. Ginkgo just worries.” 

”Halloween came again, and while there were many tricksters about– Monty and Jack had a grand old time as always. What fun.”

“A Mother of Pearl Whiffling named Alta came to my home today. She told me of something I had never heard of– Whiffling Crossing. Whifflings don’t lay “eggs” necessarily (Paralogos especially don’t), but it seems they can bring their essences together in a sort of ritual. Seeing young life pop up brings me a lot of joy as well. I’m nearly back to my full health. All of these good things have helped me heal.”

“Things lie dormant now in the colder months. I see some of my dear companions scurrying about, trying to keep warmth going. Ginkgo’s ensured I’ve been kept warm with teas and similar. Vardan, my little bookkeeper Whiffling, seems to have made a new friend as of late in a little Rose Dragon Pet. They seem to be practicing something as of late.”

“Aha! And with the winter’s closing in, it seems Vardan was up to something. I’ve detailed what I’ve learned in Annex 6 - Pet Magic. They were trying to revive some roses which had begun to whither, and they were successful. This must be equivalent to Paralogos Magic. I’d be curious to know more.”

“As the year winds down… it seems some friends have come and gone in research as of late. I am still here at my tower, huddling up in the colder weather. I continue my work, and I try to learn more about the various creatures here in Lingua. Onto a New Year.”


Year Nine

“I celebrated a lovely New Year with some Paralogos, Whifflings, and other Caretakers and researchers I’m close with. Ginkgo and Gin both seemed to enjoy themselves very heavily. After the celebrations I went on to work with some of the Whifflings residing here. Rhosyn, a Champlain Rose Whifflings, went around parading a new ‘crown’ she was wearing. I spoke with her for some time about the item, and she explained their relevance in a good chunk of Whiffling society. I’ve detailed my notes here: Annex 7: Whiffling Crowns.”

“February again and certainly I have been feeling the affections between others and towards me as of late. I saw Miysha Monette’s Paralogos, Lin, gifting a rather beautiful teacup and saucer set to Arden just the other day. Individuals in Lingua are just so happy to join in gift giving amongst friends. It warms my heart for sure!”

"Ah… what a busy month. The seasons are starting to turn yet again. It seemed many residents of Lingua enjoyed exchanging gifts this past month. But yet - everyone in Sermos is still in a celebratory mindset! An anniversary of the founding of Sermos is upon us.

Gingko and Gin went down into Sermos with me to see some of the sights and parades on display. Many Paralogos, Whifflings, Caretakers, and other citizens were in full force with their festivities. In fact — I saw many playing at turns of phrase called “idioms”. Adjacent to my etymology studies for Paralogos, I found this quite interesting as well. It gave me some ideas on what to study when I returned to my tower. Gin was helpful in bringing my focus back to my work when I wander. Ginkgo was actually a bit more active than usual— traveling down to a smaller city farther off from Sermos. 

He tugged at my arm one day enough to lead me to take a walk with him there. It wasn’t too long a distance. These quaint villages live simpler lives, still technology-based, but things are much slower paced. I enjoy my visits to such places, although I hadn’t been to this village before.

Ginkgo ran up to a brown Paralogos— one that looked rather woody indeed. Their crest seemed a bit strange though to my knowledge. They had three horns on their face, unlike Ginkgo’s hornless-face in comparison. I inquired about his new friend. 

She, who I later came to know as Keita, shyly hid behind Ginkgo while he gestured that I was friendly. I explained I was a researcher of sorts, and had a home in my tall tower where I had befriended many Paralogos and Whifflings. I told her that I had never seen a Paralogos like herself before, and invited her to come stay with all of us back home. Keita hesitantly nodded her head, agreeing that ones of “her type” seemed to only be popping up recently. She had not noticed anything amiss when she originally was a tabula rasa. She knocked on a piece of wood, as if for comfort, before starting back on our walk with us. 

Due to their three-horned faces… I think I will call this Paralogos subspecies Triceridos. I’ll put together a report as well."

"I’ve been terribly busy since Keita’s arrival, cataloguing more information about the Triceridos subspecies. It seems they focus themselves on idioms rather than words. It is quite fascinating! I’m certain that many of the residents here can find things to occupy themselves with while I’m at work. I have heard… some rumors of the Fate Wicked, Moira, drawing Linguans in with some new trick of hers. I’ve advised Ginkgo, Gin, and Keita to stay here with me meanwhile. 

Keita doesn’t seem too concerned— I do wonder if Triceridos can even become Wicked in their nature? I’m unsure… but the powers of Wicked Paralogos are certainly rather frightening. I hope Moira’s trick isn’t anything too sinister. "

“After a few weeks had passed, Gin reported back to me that nothing was far too amiss regarding Moira. It seemed whatever was going on in that corner of Sermos passed without incident. Many of the Paralogos [Triceridos included] and Whifflings have moved on to dressing up as one another. It isn’t even fall… but I can’t really complain. It is quite fun and cheery after all!”

“I’ve been working on more record keeping of Recent Events. I’ve put together something of a ‘sticker’ book for little Mementos of past activities. Ginkgo seems rather thrilled. Right now many Linguans are revving up for the annual Pride Festival celebrations. It makes me happy to see so many others sharing in their joy with one another.”

– a page is scribbled out with emoji-type symbols on it, perhaps this is relevant for what happened in between entries by Seraphina… –

“Well that was a bit chaotic, I’m afraid my little nook here was disturbed with bustling activities after Pride ended. Everything was a bit of a flurry, Companions and Pets were very active and continue to be active in the given timeframe. I’ll have to look into it further.”

“In the heat of the summer, various Companions and Pets are still actively going about their business not too far from the other half of their bonded pair. I’ve come to realize that not too much has been done in the way of visualizing the standard body shape and form of these creatures– Paralogos and Whifflings in particular.”

“I think my goal for this month will be to try and use what artistic abilities I have to make a dedicated series of pages detailing the most basic of their forms. Heading forward I think that would make the most sense.”

Seraphina can be seen scribbling some doodles down quickly before shutting her journal.

“Things are finally cooling down. Ginkgo and Gin both seem relieved- they’re both shifting into their Autumn colorations again. While the atmosphere in my home is climate controlled, it still struggles with intense heat.”

“Now that things are more manageable, I think myself and some of the other residents here will take to some of the inner gardens and some outer ones I’ve been trying to cultivate. I think if I’m able to get some neighboring Caretakers and their Paralogos (and Whifflings) together.. Maybe we can help some of the natural resources nearby. Safeguard them from the worst of some of the smoggier areas in Sermos.”

“As with every October, some residents here at my Tower truly get into a spooky-sort of mood. Old Jack (o-Lantern) has once again been up to something. He seems to have been hiding some trick or treat, well, treats, around not only the Tower but the town nearby at large.”

“Ginkgo and others here absolutely love Halloween and the spirit of tricky individuals sometimes also getting rewarded with delightful sweet treats. I’m sure on Halloween night I’ll get some Trick-or-Treaters coming ‘round. I do love seeing not only my crew in costumes, but those visiting!”

"Halloween was a roaring success, and indeed I had many sorts of visitors. However, something rather strange happened at the turn of the month. Ginkgo went out and about, and seemed to be rather excited on any trips home talking about a ‘strange Whiffling’. I asked him further about what he meant, and he said they had multiple legs – sounded like a Maverick? Ginkgo shook his head no in response. So I’m sure I’ll have to investigate that.."

"Mostly myself and other residents of the Tower stayed home and played games together. It was nice spending some time with all of the residents here instead of writing."

“As the next month began, it became quite cold… As I reminisced over the past year’s events, I was quite thankful to have a warm and comfortable place of residence in the beginning of the darker Winter months.

I spoke with Gin (Ginkgo Whiffling) more at length over what had been going on out in the community. He mentioned that Ginkgo had been out and about most of the time, leaving Gin to his own devices. Gin had begun speaking with a mysterious Whiffling whom he called Aithne (Amber Whiffling). I asked him if it was the same Maverick who had shown up here at one point, which he confirmed. It seemed she was trying to entice him into looking into her “shop”. Gin declined, of course. It did have a sinister air to it however.

It is strange. I’ll need to continue investigating this despite the cold.”

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