Annex 4 - Recent Events

After the phenomenon caused by the wicked Paralogos, Time, a certain researcher noticed the link between certain past events and what had been previously shown in these time windows. It made the researcher wonder.. What else of note had actually occurred?

Unfortunately, our intrepid researcher only has access to records of recent years. In fact, they have only access to records of the years they've worked here. Ah well, that does seem like a good basis to start off. Let us review their notes.

To those reading-- be aware that the notes are worded by a single researcher. There may be spots where their notes are incomplete as a result. Not done out of malice, but simply due to human error.



Year One

• In the third month, there was an influx of new Paralogos. It is unsure yet why Lingua had spawned so many at once, but this seemed to be the jumpstart to a new 'Logos era of creation. Though there seems to have been no ill effect from this influx, one does have to wonder what has caused it and what it means for our world.
• Similarly, the last month of this year had Paralogos with a wordfocus that seemed quite foreign to our fair planet. Some seemed to be from ancient civilizations, others were simply unknown to us. Yet, as the Paralogos have taken these words as their focus, we can only assume they are, in fact, legitimate words.



Year Two

• Our research team has done some extraordinary work, and our results are very clear. A journal has been published concerning specifications on Paralogos levels. This happened during the fifth month of this year. We had some kind Paralogos help us illustrate, though we are still quite unsure why they decided to climb up on top of each other.
• During the tenth month, our celebration of All Hallows Eve was slightly interrupted by a Paralogos, who seemed to have a wordfocus based on one of the decorations. They have found a loving caretaker, fortunately. It does make us wonder, how many Paralogos are around with a wordfocus, but no caretaker or librarian to guide them?
• With that event in the back of our minds, we published a journal on the world itself during the eleventh month.. There are quite a few among us who wonder if it would not be a good idea to catalogue more information, no matter how common the knowledge. Perhaps it is indeed a good idea, if only for posterity.



Year Three

• A side journal or annex was published during the first month, concerning the tiny creatures that live with some Paralogos. Companions, as you will. These Companions are quite rare, one can only wonder where they come from. It is assumed that they, too, spawn from Lingua itself, as they seem to exclusively bond with Paralogos.
• We have been aware of the magic abilities of Paralogos for quite some time. In the sixth month, we finished our extensive research and published a journal. Though, we have words from caretakers that not everything seems to line up with their experience. We took their word as advice for a training annex.
• Ah yes, the seventh month. Librarians were asked if they were willing to open their library to the public, if only for a day. Some required to fix up their library beforehand, others opened their doors immediately. It was all voluntary, of course..
• In the eighth month, many suffered from the heat, and searched for shade or cooling. A record high for Lingua? Unsure. As Paralogos researchers, the weather has little to do with us. Though even we had to cool down. As for me personally, I simply used shades to guard myself from the sun.
• Paralogos prove once again that they are very easy to influence. With the children required to head back to their schools during the ninth month, many Paralogos also seemed to 'gear up for class', so to speak.
• All Hallows Eve again. Normally, not all that noteworthy, though it seemed some libraries were declared haunted during the tenth month. A simple case of superstition, obviously, though with ghostly Paralogos around.. what has Lingua in store for us..?
• Speaking of haunting.. Our research on Wicked Paralogos had resulted in another published journal. Coincidence, that it was during the same month as these supposed hauntings? Or is there perhaps a Wicked Paralogos lurking in the shadows, causing it all?
• Weather projections seemed to be rather harsh. During the eleventh month, we were told that it was going to be very cold in the coming months, and many people started preparing for the cold.. and.. many Paralogos as well. Hm. Are they influenced by us, or are they the ones influencing?
• Ah, gifting season. We have reasons to believe that Paralogos are trying to fit in more with the rest of us, as they adapt to more social behavior, such as gifting during the final month of the year. Perhaps our thoughts of them getting influenced was all wrong.. It might be simple adaptation.



Year Four

• ...Considering that they are still handing out gifts during this first month, we believe adaptation might have been a too quick a judgment.
• Curious. Another Paralogos with a wordfocus appeared.. without a caretaker. They seemed to require help for a.. potion? During this second month, to have another Paralogos appear like this.. They claimed themselves a wizard, or.. their wordfocus was such. It seemed that at the end of this event, however, they did find a home. Perhaps worth looking into later on?
• During the third month, smaller Paralogos seemed to.. want attention? Something about being overlooked, and calling this the 'Month of the Small Paralogos'.. Considering their attention seeking continued on into the fourth month, it could hardly be called just a single month. Well, they got their attention, it seemed.
• Well, now, I have no choice but to raise a red flag. We have absolutely no records of the fifth and sixth months. I can hardly write a journal on past events if there is absolutely no proof of anything happening.. Hm. Have things been truly quiet during the first two years of my work? Or are these records also missing...?
• The seventh month seemed to be a moment of remembrance. Many caretakers and librarians stood still by the thought of the younger days of Paralogos. It seemed only prudent to also release our journal on the Paralogos Life Cycle during this period.
• Ah yes, the eighth month of this year. Things have been very hectic, so most reports on this month, as well as the next, were mostly hastily scribbled. Paralogos taking care of libraries, children heading back to school or going on a school trip.. Another hot period, both in activity and temperature.
• But this activity was worth it! During the tenth month, our research journal on Paralogos Wisdom was finally complete. We discovered many positive and negative effects of Paralogos magic was linked directly to their Wisdom. As such, we also released an annex on how to train the Wisdom of a Paralogos.
• Speaking of the tenth month, we did have some issues with Paralogos pranking people and other Paralogos. Supposedly in the spirit of All Hallows Eve. If only they didn't continue doing so during the eleventh month, people might have been less apprehensive about it.
• All over our fair planet, holes have appeared in thin air. Cracks. Gaps. Whatever you wish to name them. They are seemingly flat, cannot be entered and.. fortunately, it seems impossible for things to exit as well. All of these holes seem to be displaying past events.. most of which correspond with what has been written in this very journal so far..



Year Five

• A wicked Paralogos, namely one with the wordfocus of Time, was behind all those windows in space-time. Fortunately, it has found a home, but we will have to keep track. Not all of these gaps in thin-air have yet dissipated. Whether this is by Time's hands or simply a slow process.. We are as of yet unsure.
• At this point, it is likely clear that most everything was written mostly in past tense. This is simply because this log officially had not been started until this day, at the beginning of the second month. Future events may be written with present tense or past tense, depending on whether they will be written while things are occurring or afterwards.
• ...Why, pray tell, are Paralogos prancing around wearing sunglasses? It is the middle of winter, it makes absolutely no sense for them to do such a thing. In fact, Paralogos are unable to wear them, aren't they? There is one, right outside the window, wearing sunglasses by having them taped to their head and.. aren't those my sunglasses?
• It seems the local Paralogos have gained an interest in helping the flora regain it's former glory. This is a good omen. Perhaps if we all work together, our fair planet can recover from what we've done to it.. Hm, that makes me curious. One of our theories is that Paralogos began appearing as a counter to the dwindling status of Lingua.. If the planet is healed, would Paralogos disappear? I, for one, hope this thought simply stays a thought and won't become reality.
• There is still very little known about Companions. Yet in this fourth month, it seemed there have been new discoveries of Paralogos, already with Companions. I, for one, am glad that there are Blank Paralogos out there finding their word focus and finding good company. They might survive well even without a caretaker, though I definitely hope they'll find a home soon.
• Well, in the spirit of preservation, some Paralogos have taken up photography. It could certainly help with research, so I've given my camera for use in this endeavor.. Though.. That was how it started, anyway. Last time I spotted the Paralogos, it seems they were taking pics of their friends instead.. Well, I should have known they couldn't stay serious for long. That said.. Pictures of Paralogos could also help with research, I suppose, so it's not really an issue.
• That did not take long. It is currently the sixth month, but a month after the Paralogos began taking photos.. and the cameras have already been put away. What Paralogos seem to be carrying now are trophies and awards.. It is unclear where these came from or what purpose they serve, but the Paralogos seem happy enough with them. Thinking about it, perhaps they have been influenced by their caretakers, as it seems the action of collecting seals has spread among them. These seals seem to denote their progress of taking care of Paralogos.. It might be worth looking into, incentivizing the action of taking care of Paralogos should in the long run have a positive effect on Lingua itself.
• Normally this is where I would attempt to wax poetic about how the heat in this seventh month might affect Lingua, but honestly it's too hot to come up with something witty.. And it doesn't seem like the heat has any major effect at this point.. I may have to revise this entry later on. I hope the Paralogos are doing alright in this temperature.
• Perhaps the office is not the best of surroundings to keep a Paralogos. Boredom may strike one easily, and.. it seems that the back of my documentation now has scribbles and what I can only assume is written text on them. I'm glad they are attempting to learn and write, but for some Paralogos, it might be a better idea to just have them do their own thing outside, despite the temperature in this eighth month.
• Though I still am a firm believer that having more food Paralogos means that we'll have a more bountiful harvest.. For a lot of them to end up in my care is slightly more concerning. I'm sorry to say that I cannot take in more of them, but I'd be happy to help Paralogos find a new home if necessary... But, either way, I suppose I'm glad that most of these Paralogos have found a place to live. Perhaps we should start a celebration of food and food Paralogos in this ninth month. Yes.. Yes, I believe I will.
• Ahaha, pardon my outburst from the last entry. It seems SOMEONE has played a prank on me. With. Spiders. In a bucket. And I may have.. panicked somewhat in the face of so many countless spiders. I should have been wary, pranks are always happening during this tenth month. Though I normally find my shoe laces tied rather than my head in a bucket.. full.. of.. spiders....
• In this 11th month.. Or rather, the night upon which this month would begin, there was a break-in at a bookstore, governed by one of the Paralogos. Libraria, or "Libra"?.. Either way, this is terrible news. It seems books were stolen and damaged in this break-in. Apparently, pages have begun spreading in the wind, or as result of the break-in.. Hard to tell the true reason, but they have been spread around. I believe a colleague had also found a page and left it... Ah, drat. I was sure it was around here somewhere..?
• In this last month of the year, I should be excited about all the new research done on bonds and caretakers. But quite frankly, with Paprika missing, all it makes me do is feel sad. Bonds truly are two ways..



Year Six

• Well. A new year. Perhaps I should formally introduce myself already. I am Thomas Eden, a Paralogos researcher, and caretaker of Paprika. Though I doubt that is news.. He is unfortunately still missing. As for New Years traditions? Well, when I was younger, Paprika and I decided to split up a single bell pepper, and ate it together. It was perhaps a bit silly, but I believe it strengthened our bond. We kept that up for years.. This would be the first time we're missing out on it.
• I'm glad Paprika has finally returned. I was.. definitely concerned. Though, the three Rogue Paralogos he has returned with give me different reasons for concern, as does him spreading the story about a Rogue Paralogos village.. Did we, as a whole, really miss a civilization, even though it's small..? And it's hard not to be worried about the ramifications, of discovering a village full of Paralogos. I fear there may be those with bad intentions..
• After the events of the last few months, it seems Paprika is very tired.. I have never seen a Paralogos like this. We've gathered a lot of bell peppers, and surrounded him with books about vegetables.. I don't think that he is in any further danger.. But I suppose this proves that a Paralogos staying away from their word focus for too long can prove hazardous.. If anything, I think he might already be getting better, because he's more concerned with missing the carnival than his own health.
• Ah, I neglected to mention.. but on this seventh day, in the third month.. It is officially been 5 years since I started working with this research department. It is, to me, somewhat of a momentous occasion. Five whole years. Well, to five more, I say!
• Well, Paprika is decidedly upset he missed the carnival. He's still stuck inside for further evaluation, though he definitely seems to be doing well again. Though, for reasons that elude me, he is constantly sitting behind my desk, demanding pictures of Paralogos? I have provided him with some, but that just made him look sad..
• I am not sure what triggered this, but since Paprika has recovered, he's had this fascination with magic. I believe he might soon start learning some new skills.. Perhaps he has seen the new journal on lights and control, as it discussed it's connection to magic and wisdom.. Is it possible he is trying to become physically stronger by training his light?.. Or are there other reasons.. I know I saw him smiling during his nap earlier..
• Hard to believe we've had so much trouble last month. All sorts of mechanical failure, even had a blackout.. The research center had thus decided to move to a new facility. There are now some major delays in research, new findings that are hardly documented.. It's going to be a busy month. At least the Paralogos were kind enough to give us a hand moving things around. I guess that's the best thing we can ask for. Co-operation. We all live on the same World of Lingua, after all..
• Well, we're all moved into the new building.. though I can't help but think there's still some things not in order. That's part of the chaos of moving, I guess. It'll probably still be awhile before we get everything sorted right... Seems we can't count on most of the Paralogos to help, they heard something about a fight, and from one thing came another.. To be fairly honest, a water balloon battle sounds refreshing. I'd almost want to join it..
• How curious. Some of the Paralogos seem to be giving me the proverbial stink-eye whenever I'm working on new digital documents.. I suppose the rumors are true, then. From what I heard, there were Paralogos who were denouncing the use of technology. Fortunately not all of them. I wonder, is this a side-effect of those Rogue Paralogos showing up? Or is there more to it..?
• Even among this technology trouble, it seems some Paralogos instead opted to do their own thing. We´ve spotted a few Paralogos creating and gifting each other art.. And just as all trends in the Paralogos world, it has seemingly caught on, and the technology debate has been nearly entirely forgotten.. Except for the few Paralogos who dislike Technology for other reasons, it seems.
• Ah yes, this season. The 10th month of every year it seems the spirit of All Hallows Eve is overwhelmingly focused on pranks again.. Which seems to have caused some paranoia in some Paralogos.. and.. some caretakers. You can rest assured, I've had no buckets fall on my head this year. And I'm cautious of it happening. Ever. Again.
• Curious, I was sure I already wrote an entry, but upon inspection today it was missing.. Hm, I wonder if that's related to the Paralogos that have been showing up recently.. It's hard to get solid information on them. They keep appearing and disappearing under mysterious circumstances..
• Another year passes, and what a mess of a year it has been. Paprika vanished, rogues appeared.. Paprika displaying word focus fatigue.. Carnival, Paralogos joking around... Blackouts and failures, causing us to move our research facility.. Conflict, more conflict, conflict resolution.. No real pranks this year.. And those.. missing records. Well, that's our current problem, anyway. One has been cleared up, but there are many more. Let's hope it all resolves before the end of the year.



Year Seven

• I, er.. Hrm. I was going to write an entry about how some Paralogos seem hopeful about the coming year, and how many are making new plans for it.. But I seem to have gotten a little sidetracked. Seems we have Wicked Paralogos coming out of the woodworks. After Mystery, now there's Victory. I wonder what that spells for the future.
• Is it not amazing how just a vague feeling of nostalgia can cause people to come together and set up a festival? The Linguan Carnival is next month, and yet here we have a.. bird-watching festival for fortune and friendship? Some just call it the Feather Festival for short, apparently.. Well. I'm not complaining. It gives more attention to nature, and celebrating positive relations is always a plus.
• So, third month of the year again.. I began working as a researcher in Sermos 6 years ago, and so much has happened.. Let us hope things go well in this 7th year as well, hm?
• On that note- whether it is the efforts of the Paralogos two years ago, or something else entirely.. It seems flowers have appeared in the night. We suspect they've been planted. And the Paralogos have noticed- they either are hunting down the 'villain who dare plant flowers' or are helping out in the effort. There have also been reports of strange creature sightings.. Could these events be connected?
• This is very exciting news. We've received reports that the 'culprits' behind the flower planting is a species of creatures that are called Whifflings. Some Paralogos claim they've had contact with them before, but it's hard to verify such claims.. As one of the researchers on Paralogos, I've been tasked with finding out more about their relations with these Whifflings.. It's surely going to be quite the task.
• Well, after last month's exciting news, my colleagues and I have been slaving away to catalogue the Whifflings, who seem to have a lot of... specific traits, that we have not seen in Paralogos.. It's been.. a rather stressful month. I think I'm going to need to take some days off... I'm exhausted..
• Oh, right, I nearly forgot.. Aside from cataloguing, we've also written up a new journal on Whifflings and have made some minor changes to previous titles to separate them.. from Paralogos.. haa.... Pardon. I'm gonna take a nap before the next meeting..
• Ah, there's a festival every month.. Pride, huh.. The Paralogos seem to be enjoying themselves. Some of them seem to not know what they're even celebrating, but others.. It's worth looking into, from a researcher's perspective, but perhaps it's too private a matter to document.
• Me? Ah, well, I take pride in my work, but that might not count, haha.. As someone who is ace, it is a bit hard to.. Feel like I'm part of it all. But it's okay, I find companionship in the Paralogos and I'm married to my work, haha.. Though one never knows what the future will bring..
• You know what, I can understand the need for shades and sunglasses when it is a warm and sunny month like this one. But I feel like we've been over this before.. Hmm.. Do Paralogos even require shades for their eyes? Or is it yet again just a passing trend.. one that the Whifflings seem to want in on..?
• It sounds like the local theater is putting up a new play soon, though they're asking for a large amount of volunteers for all sorts of jobs.. I wonder if Paprika would be interested in this. This seems like exactly the sort of thing he'd be into.. Might even drag other Paralogos, or even Whifflings, into it, haha.
• I.. should have known Paprika WAS the one dragging people into this so-called play.. And it didn't even succeed. Though it looks like he has managed to improvise a solution once again.. Let's hope it all works out, but I may have to scold him after this regardless..
• That time of year again, huh.. Paprika has already returned from his annual trick or trick run. Treat? Well, it's a treat to him to trick people.. Though it seems this year, he was the one who got spooked. With folk in Sermos being interested in making their own haunted houses out of their home this year, it's not very surprising.
• The Jack-o-lantern Paralogos and Mont Blanc Whiffling.. Seems they're up to something. Handing out small goodie bags as some sort of event.. But the smiles on their faces make me wonder if it's not some spooky trick.. Perhaps I'm simply biased, but I strongly recall spiders in my face, so I'm cautious around this time of year.
• One more obscure festival discovered, it seems.. Though I have to say it's a very nice one. The lantern lights look beautiful in the dark and the fairy-like Whifflings make it seem almost magical.. The fact candy is collected makes me feel a bit off, though.. didn't that happen just last month? Ah well. It's nice to see an event like this.
• The final month of the year.. and there is a terrible blizzard. Quite frankly, this is a disaster. I hope we can all get through this.. We have collectively survived worse, but I wouldn't be surprised if this weather will cause casualties.. We are lucky to have Paralogos among our midst now, who can help take care of things.. But I can't help but think this could be the sign of so much worse..
• It seems like a certain Whiffling has stirred up some trouble. Items were stolen and.. redistributed as gifts? Sort of? I'm unsure what the actual situation is.. We discovered one of these mysterious gifts hidden in the office. It's here.. uh.. somewhere.. Oh, please tell me we haven't lost another item..



Year Eight

• And so, for my first entry of this 8th year.. Troubling news. Last month's terrible storm may indeed have been a symptom of worse things to come, as a Wicked Paralogos appeared... As well as a new form of Whiffling. Preliminary reports state it's fairly similar to the Wicked type of Paralogos. Apparently this is not new among Whifflings, and with their help, we've put together a new chapter on these so-called Maverick Whifflings.
• ...But we may have avoided the worst yet. Paprika wondered out loud whether Wicked Paralogos or Maverick Whifflings were more powerful, and.. he almost sparked a huge fight then and there. It took quite a bit of effort to stop him from finishing his thought, but I managed to change his track of thoughts... Or so I hope. It seems he is still very focused on causing competitions of sorts, speaking of a Year of Competitions?
• And as I feared, Paprika actually did start another fight. Fortunately not between the new entities in town, but I can't say people are happy about this regardless. Something about making new resolutions for the year.. as opposed to finishing old goals from the last year? I think it might be better to focus on doing work left undone from the last year, but Paprika seems bound on doing new things all the time..
• Similarly to the Paralogos And Librarian Society, who helped citizens keep track of collected seals.. there is likewise a group that calls themselves the Professional Accumulators of Whiffling Scents.. helping citizens keep track of collected marks. I, for one, am glad there's a group incentivizing taking care of Whifflings now as well.
• ...So it seems Paprika has taken a shine to the spotlight this month, seemingly riling up those who prefer to stay out of it.. Who'd rather remain in the shadows, as is their right if they don't want all the attention.. I wonder why Paprika is so bent on making two sides get angry at each other..
• It seems some folk continue to stay on good terms, and have set up an art exchange of sorts.. Even in the midst of Paprika's disturbances, people seem to want to stay civil, rather than get caught up in fights..
• I was asked to help break up a fight earlier.. Did not expect to see Paprika being the one assaulted. Apparently he had disrupted the outings of several others just to display a.. what did he call it.. a form of brotherhood with a concrete smell? What an abstract way to get another fight going..
• This morning, Paprika left to go prank people as he does every year this month, but he looked visibly dismayed as he left.. Something about him losing three fights in a row? He stated he's not giving up.. Frankly, I wish he took this as a reason to quit this.. 'Year of Competitions'..
• ...and now he has returned even more annoyed. People are taking this month as one big joke? I'm unsure what he is on about, but he is now even more motivated to prank people. Ran out with tape and paper.. I think I will be even more cautious than normal this year..
• On another note, the Paralogos Reserve, which had been fortunately rather inactive, has taken the downtime to rebuild and become an Adoption Center, instead.. Trying to find caretakers for Paralogos and Whifflings alike.. It seems they have better funding than we have, if they can afford renovations like that. But I suppose it is for a noble cause..
• You'd think Paprika is happier after clearly winning a month, but.. for some reason he seems sadder than before. I wonder if it had anything to do with the fact he was carrying his lab coat and his detective outfit...
• After seeing the results of the last fight.. Paprika seemed rather pensive.. He went on a hike with the Ginkgo Paralogos, and.. I don't know what they discussed, but I do not like the mischievous smile on Paprika's face.. He started a crusade against work, preferring hobbies. But I wonder what he's really planning..
• Ah, though I shouldn't focus on just Paprika.. the pride festival returned this year! I guess we'll be seeing one every year. Perhaps the festivities is a sign of improvement of our world.. More bounties to share, and more pride to have in ourselves and each other..
• Just as Paprika ceased moping, this sudden heatwave tried to put a stop to Paprika's fun.. Though I think he's too focused to quit now. Last I saw him, he was filling up a bunch of balloons with water.. I hope he's just out to have fun with his friends, but I think his Year of Competitions is still on-going..
• Seems like Paprika's made quite the splash.. But now he's on stage? Performing.. I don't know what, frankly. Not that everyone is paying attention to him, a lot of others are just doing their own form of art.. Another month, another competition, huh..
• Wh.. What is Paprika up to this time? The way he's trying to set up this.. competition between.. Knowledge and Skill.. seems almost like he's trying to sell me something.. I.. especially do not understand this theme, do you not need knowledge to apply your skills and need skill to apply your knowledge..?
• ...It seems Paprika's rivalry between scary tricks and his harmless jokes is still on-going, but.. for some reason he decided to "team up" with them? I guess if you can't beat them, you join them.. But to set up Tricks vs Treats...?
• Looks like some researchers discovered that Whifflings.. lay eggs? Somehow? It's not exactly my territory and it's completely different from Paralogos.. Perhaps I should check out the Crossing..
• Current weather seems to be.. getting colder? And there's more rain.. Seems like a good time to stay indoors.. Hm? What is Paprika doing with.. PAPRIKA! IT'S RAINING! YOU SHOULDN'T GO OUT, NOT EVEN WITH A RAINCOAT!.. Ah, he's already gone. Dangit.