Annex 7 - Whiffling Crowns


Crowns are a special type of accessory for Whifflings-- if a Whiffling has a crown, it is a treasured and rare item. It may seem a bit antiquated in human society, but many Whifflings have heard fairy tales and stories considering they themselves have been compared to fae and similar, being little imps, and find the majesty of them enthralling.

Of note, it has been seen that flowers or other natural materials (leaves, etc) for crowns are used by general Whifflings. A Whiffling who finds enough flowers in the wild for such a creation is celebrated, though some just use faux flowers. All other crowns are restricted types. There are three types or ranks of crowns, Copper, Silver, and Gold.

Copper is the lowest rank, it grants you a Copper crown, of course. This crown can have any number of gems, but may only be of copper metal. Any style is allowed, and other less “plant based” natural material like stone are allowed as well.

Silver is the middle rank, it grants you a Sterling Silver crown. It can also have gemstones, but must be made from silver, or silver mixed with copper pieces. Something silly or fun like a food crown or similar “type” of uncommon “scent” crown would work as well at this level.

Gold is the highest rank, it grants you a Gold (white, rose, or yellow color) crown. Like the others, it can have inset gemstones- but can have gold, silver, and copper metals mixed and with different inlays. At this point, any other materials you can dream of are also allowed.

You can include the Crown the Whiffling is wearing on the Masterlist Image, but it is not required. It will be given the crown trait appropriate for what it has earned regardless.
When you gain a new crown, you can update the Masterlist Image with no Snapshot required as long as you are simply adding the crown and not having other design updates. (Note, you can have a different pose/art piece as the reference.)



Whifflings earn their crowns through helping others, humans primarily. There has been a network of recording “Marks of Recognition”3-icon.png through which a Whiffling can gain or upgrade a crown.

Marks of Recognition are a character-attached currency, meaning that you have to earn them with the Whiffling who you want to get the crown for.
Whifflings earn one (1) Mark 3-icon.png for every completed Crown Task (see the Bulletin Board below for a list of tasks).

Marks of Recognition act as milestones, meaning that a Whiffling earns crowns once they own the following amounts:
1 3-icon.png - Copper Crown
3 3-icon.png - Silver Crown
6 3-icon.png - Golden Crown




  1. Choose and complete a Crown Task from the Bulletin Board. (Make sure to choose a task from the correct season!)
    1. Please note that you may only collaborate on a Crown Tasks if you and the collaborator co-own every participating Whiffling.
  2. Submit your completed artwork/writing to the Crown Tasks gallery folder.
  3. Submit your gallery link to the Crown prompt. Make sure to mention which task you completed!
    1. If the Mark being earned by this submission is your Whiffling's first/third/sixth, please mention this in the prompt submission so they can be granted their Crown trait!
  4. Your Whiffling(s) will then receive their Mark(s), as well as potentially their next Crown trait(s)!
  5. Alternatively... I've heard that Wads of Cash can automatically grant you 1 Mark of Recognition. Read more in the Crown prompt.




Drawing: At least 1 Colored Fullbody
(NEW: only non-"pixelart", see Earning Ink)
with a detailed Background. [interacting with said background]
Writing: At least 800 words total.

Crown Task entries must be type-unique, meaning you can't use 1 submission for multiple submission types.
This means that a Crown entry f.e. can't earn you a monthly prompt or pet magic bonus.

However, multiple Whifflings can earn a Mark of Recognition with the same submission!



Available tasks rotate seasonally - please make sure to select the current season before choosing a task to complete!
(These tasks are numbered for convenience - they do not have to be done in order! You can even do one task multiple times for the same Whiffling if you so wish.)

1) Help with cleaning up litter.
2) Help a farmer till the soil after a cold winter.
3) Help with planting flowers/plants.
4) Help baby animals in the wild.
5) Help other Whifflings or Paralogos find their word/scent focus as needed.
6) Help a cartographer by exploring new locations and/or mapmaking.

1) Help with cleaning up litter.
2) Help with keeping an eye out for beached/hot animals needing water.
3) Help a toolmaker recycle old items into new tools.
4) Help a librarian with recompiling old knowledge or otherwise assisting with library work.
5) Help a shopkeeper make cold treats for people who are dealing with the heat.
6) Help a cartographer by exploring new locations and/or mapmaking.

1) Help with cleaning up litter.
2) Help with decorating for the fall season and/or make Linguans feel celebratory! (Harvest Festival/Halloween/etc)
3) Help with the harvest.
4) Help a cook with preparing meals for a soup kitchen.
5) Help with traditional candy making.
6) Help with protecting crops, plants and/or animals from the incoming cold.

1) Help with cleaning up litter.
2) Help an overwhelmed shopkeeper with their shop.
3) Help with decorating for the winter season and/or make Linguans feel celebratory!
4) Help with making toys for children.
5) Help with making candles or soaps.
6) Help with shovelling snow and/or cleaning up ice.