Annex 5 - Caretakers


This feature is currently a WIP while it's being adjusted to fit to this website's functionality. Therefore, information on this page is subject to change.


If you want to make your Paralogos' Caretaker Status official and earn a bit of bonus Ink, you're at the right place!

First of all, to learn all about the different ways of living - with or without bonds - check out this chapter: Chapter 7: Bonds.

You will be able to create Caretakers and assign one of the following Caretaker Status Options to each of your Paralogos:

1) Bonded (has a Caretaker)

2) Rogue (does not have a Caretaker)

3) Unknown (default)




If you're not interested in having a particular Paralogos bond with a human, you have two (2) options:

1) Do Nothing

By default, all Paralogos' Caretaker Statuses are listed as "unknown".
Since there is no currency-based benefit associated with specifying them as a Rogue, you can simply leave their Status the way it is.

2) Register them as a Rogue

If you enjoy being specific and sorting characters in neat categories, you can alternatively register those Paralogos as Rogues!

Don't worry - you can change their Status to a different option at any time!

To do so, reply to this comment with the form (included in the admin comment) filled out.




Caretaker Bonding Rules

- A Paralogos can only bond with a maximum of one (1) Caretaker.
- However, a Caretaker can bond with a (functionally) unlimited amount of Paralogos.
- Every member can create as many Caretakers as they want, as long as there's at least one (1) Paralogos bonded to each Caretaker.
- A member's Caretaker can be bonded both to their own and other member's Paralogos (as long as the other member in question has given permission/confirmation).
- A Caretaker can belong to multiple members, though please note that any time a change is being made to a Caretaker, all owners will have to confirm it.

Caretaker Design Guidelines

Caretakers must be human, however, we mean this in that their core must be human. This means full-robots are not allowed, but futuristic features or various forms of human augmentation may be present in Lingua due to the advanced technology.
Age is not restricted, however, an infant may not be conscious enough to make a formal bond with a Paralogos. So in terms of "age of awareness", we allow for flexibility and character building where people feel comfortable.

How to Register Caretakers

To register a Caretaker, you will have to reply to this comment with the form (included in the admin comment) filled out.
A successfully registered Caretaker will be uploaded to the Masterlist
For this registration you will have to provide the following information:

1) Their Name

This does not have to be a name in a [first name] [last name] format. You can name them by just a first or last name or even give them a pseudonym. Whatever you'd like!

2) Which members the Caretaker will be owned by

This could just be you (so one person), or you and however many friends you'd like to share this Caretaker with.
Please note that just because a Caretaker is bonded to another member's Paralogos, this does not have to mean that you have to co-own the Caretaker with that other member.
Co-Owning/Sharing Caretakers is entirely optional!

3) Which Paralogos' will be bonded to the Caretaker

This can be however many Paralogos you'd like!
Please always make sure you have discussed this with all owners of the Paralogos' before registering - you won't be able to register the Caretaker without the permission of all affected owners.

4) A Visual (or Written) Design Reference

For visual references, please send in a transparent flat-colored fullbody. For written references, please provide plain text.
While a visual reference has more benefits (easier usability, enables ink rewards, etc) and is therefore recommended, we allow purely written references so that writing-only members can still enjoy this feature!

5) (optional) A Bio

This could either be a written bio that we will put on the Caretaker File for you - or a link to a separate document (toyhouse character profile, etc) that you can edit flexibly. We recommend the latter (a link) for ease of editing. The bio itself can include whatever information you'd like (f.e. age, profession, where they live, personality, clothing options, etc).

Ink Rewards / Bonus

If you draw your registered Caretaker, you will earn an associated ink bonus (see Earning Ink) of 1-5 each.
However, to earn this bonus you will be required to register them with a visual reference.

While we do allow registering with solely written references, only Caretakers with visual references can be recognized and rewarded by our Library Assistants.

Please note that written work always gains rewards based on word amount and not content, which is why we don't hand out Ink bonuses for writing about Caretakers with written references.




1) Changing the Visual/Written Reference

You can change the design reference at any point in time, free of charge.
However, please make sure the new reference abides to the rules stated above.

To do so, reply here with the new reference in the filled out form (included in the admin comment).

2) Changing the Name/Bio

A Caretaker's name and/or bio can be changed at any point in time, free of charge.

To do so, reply here with the new info in the filled out form (included in the admin comment).

3) Changing the Caretaker Ownership

You can add new co-owners or remove co-owners at any point in time, as long as all co-owners approve this change.

If there's issues with inactivity or hostility, please message the group so an admin can help with resolving the issue!

To do so, reply here while tagging the members in question in the filled out form (included in the admin comment).

4) Changing Caretaker Status

A Paralogos' Caretaker Status can be changed at any point in time, free of charge.
Your options are Bonded, Rogue and Unknown.

To do so, reply here with the form (included in the admin comment) filled out.

5) Unbonding

Unbonding is a special case of changing a Caretaker Status. It describes the process of removing a bond between a Caretaker and a Paralogos.
Canonically, un-bonding only happens in extreme cases (death of the Caretaker, destruction of the library, abuse, etc).
However, we believe that members should always have the option to change their mind.
Therefore, members who un-bond a Paralogos from a Caretaker have the option to declare whether an un-bonding is "canon" or a "retcon".

Canon Unbonding
If the unbonding is canon, the old Caretaker will be noted as a "past Caretaker" on the Paralogos' masterlist entry.

Retcon Unbonding
If the unbonding is a retcon, the old Caretaker will simply be wiped off of the Paralogos' masterlist entry - as if they have never been bonded in the first place.
We recommend this for unbondings that happened outside of story reasons, f.e. if you want to trade the Paralogos to someone else and don't want them to keep their current story.

6) What to do when trading/selling/gifting a bonded Paralogos?

When a Paralogos changes owners, their Caretaker Status will stay the same by default.
If you wish for an existing bond to no longer exist for the new owner, you will have to manually unbond the Paralogos from the Caretaker before trading.

Though if you don't change the Caretaker Status before trading, the new owner can of course change it themselves when they officially own the Paralogos.

7) How to declare a Paralogos' Caretaker Status at MYO/Custom creation

MYO: To give a MYO Paralogos a Caretaker Status (without having to reply to any comment on this journal), simply mention the intended status in the "Intended Caretaker Status" line in the MYO submission comment.
This is of course purely optional. If you don't choose a status as part of that form, we will simply default to "unknown".

Custom: Just as you can request a Tier 1 Ability to be added to an Official Artist custom, you can also request a Caretaker Status to be added.