Chapter 12 - The Triceridos Subspecies

Curiously, as researchers went out farther beyond Sermos, an odd fact was noted in these smaller towns. It seemed Paralogos had “deformities” of their crests. They also had some facial horns. [Not that this could be that uncommon depending on the Paralogos’ word focus.] We thought this might be a disease or other reason for the body oddity, but as we began to get closer to these communities… we realized something strange. These were a subspecies of the much more common Paralogos species.

After speaking with some residents, they said these sub-Paralogos were much more interested in the common dialects at these locations, turns of phrase– much more commonly called “idioms”.

Sub-Paralogos thrived amongst this idiom use it seemed. Uniquely, they didn’t thrive off of book collections like normal Paralogos did. They must have evolved in such a way to be dependent on common, everyday use of language. Idioms are considered: “a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words”.

Based on their three facial horns, and consistent wider head crests- we’ve decided to call this subspecies Triceridos.

They also appear to have Magic use in a similar line to normal Paralogos, but because they focus on phrases (idioms), they tend to have much more leeway in how they develop their magic. For example, for the idiom “Break a Leg” - the Triceridos in question might have an appearance with the elements of bones, or symbols associated with luck. Their magic might revolve around perhaps healing bones, or luck magic too. It can relate to either the intended meaning of the idiom, or the literal meaning. The same as their appearance rules dictate. So much more is to be studied with this new development!


As this subspecies is entirely based around idioms, there is no “Level” system like there is for Paralogos. They are most similar to Level 6 Paralogos all the same, however. Like Paralogos, it seems like Tricederos all focus individually on idioms, each claiming one for themselves. They look very similar to Paralogos aside from their heads- the main difference being that they always have ceratopsian crests (wide / shield-like), shape & size can vary; and also three facial horns (two forehead horns, one nasal horn).

Idioms are very personal, as they even come from the Greek: idios, which means personal. And like that phrase, Triceridos are very personal and unique themselves. They can bond with Caretakers, and befriend many different types of species and individuals.
It does not appear, thankfully, that there is such a thing as a Wicked Triceridos. Perhaps since this is common day language and use, it becomes a more difficult “thing” to become so consumed by.



  • Triceridos’ MUST always have a ceratopsian/shield-like crest, two forehead horns and one nose horn - these can however vary in size, shape and color (as well as material for the horns)
  • Triceridos’ MUST have their unique idiom focus (different languages can be used for similar themes/meanings, however)
    • To find out whether an idiom has already been used/claim, please check the Idiom Claims page
  • Triceridos’ may NOT be Wicked
  • Triceridos don't have different levels like Standard Paralogos do. There is only type of Triceridos. (Theoretically they are all level 6 Paralogos.)
  • Apart from these four rules, Triceridos’ are identical to Standard Paralogos


Aside from obtaining a Triceridos via officially released adoptables (whether via regular sales, admin-hosted raffles, potential event rewards or the Preserve), you may also create your own Triceridos with the associated MYO item: Idiomatic Pamphlets


These can be obtained via one of the following ways:

  • Purchased in the Ink Market.
  • Randomly earned from a Loot Bag.
  • Won as part of an event / contest / raffle.
  • Received from another member via trades.

To find out how exactly to design and submit your Triceridos for approval, please check out the MYO Process page!