World of Lingua


This is a website for the closed species known as Paralogos, and that of Whifflings- and their world, Lingua!

Paralogos are parasaurolophus-inspired dinosaurian creatures that concentrate their existence and selves on specific words. You can choose how you'll build your own library!

Whifflings are a semi-recent addition to the World of Lingua, and they are small, imp-like creatures that take on the appearance of various animals that center themselves around scents and smells. The first Whifflings arose from the world of Lingua itself, in a similar, but slightly different fashion than Paralogos did. 

The Art Role Playing Game (ARPG) aspect of this species is more directed towards casual players, with some time-based events and challenges.
Overall- this game lets you go at your own pace.

You can earn your first Paralogos or Whifflings by gaining group currency in various ways- you could also buy a design pre-made, or win one in a group event! Since they are 'closed', you'll need to earn your first character!


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Individuals who help with this project's endeavors are the following [individuals linked currently have accounts]:

  • mewhaku - Owner (DA/Discord mewhaku#9034)
  • Mouse - Co-Founder & Main Admin (DA/Discord Necromouser#2510)
  • Shrike & SpicyIsopods - World of Lingua Assistants
  • Shadonut - Official World of Lingua Dual Species Artist

As an additional note, most definitions and word origins (etymologies) are sourced directly from the web. Whether from Google's dictionary, etymonline, or Wikipedia, we are happy to link you to the original sources of the text found on Paralogos character entries! We do not claim to have written the text ourselves.