Chapter 4 - Wicked Paralogos

Unfortunately -- not all Paralogos are so generally benevolent, or at the least neutral to the world's affairs... we call them generally "Wicked".

Wicked Paralogos are Paralogos of any word categorization level who were consumed by their own -mostly negative- wordfocus.

Their appearance can widely differ from "regular" 'Logos since Paralogos are illusionary creatures, which overall observe certain bodily "rules". "Wicked's" have either forgotten about said "rules" or care not for them or adhering to them.

These "Wicked Logos" only have one goal-- to act in the name of or as their wordfocus, which is what makes them so dangerous:
They act to act and only peripherally enjoy the consequences of their doing. They can't be (effectively) stopped.

Higher leveled Wicked Paralogos are more likely able to break from any possible restraints with their magic. Since "The Outbreak", the residents of Lingua have worked towards creating magic barriers with the help of peaceful and knowledgeable Paralogos, but there seems to be something subconsciously holding them back.

Now, for the "Outbreak"--

"The Outbreak" was the event through which the first Wicked Paralogos were able to come into existence.
When Paralogos as a species were first encountered, Linguans decided to seal and hide specific books and information about words and concepts that were rated as too powerful, too malicious, or even too unpredictable.

They stored these in secret locations that no Paralogos should ever be able to find or gain access to.

At some point though, the information about the existence of this place slipped. Assumably one of the individuals who built it unknowingly got in contact with a Paralogos-- perhaps one who mastered mind-reading... or any other form of telepathy. Thus, it knew everything about this place that this Linguan knew.

Since the one primal urge and drive of a Paralogos is acquiring new knowledge, it didn't take too long for this to break down... Since a group of supposedly both Paralogos and caretakers teamed up to break into the facility and release the books into the world of Lingua-- to raise up blanks with only these books, thus creating the first Wicked Paralogos.

Luckily, they were only able to steal a few of those books, but it was enough to raise several "Wicked's" who are now either roaming the lands, with either a malicious human or a scientist who's trying their best to reset, restraint or kill them - depending on their word focus.

Yes, they are generally so powerful that you'd need a scientist to stop them from existing, if any. It's said that some grew so powerful that they are pretty much immortal from a human's point of view. Which is concerning, at the least... one wonders if a caretaker could actually have some kind of bond with one.





In general, Wicked Paralogos are Paralogos whose magic would be able to directly ruin somebody's life and/or cause mass destruction.

Being a Wicked Paralogos means that the Paralogos has been consumed by their word focus.
This will happen with all negative words at this power level.
However, with neutral/positive words this wouldn't be a necessary process and would rather show a negative external influence, a failing of character from the Paralogos themselves or similar.

For example, there's a Wicked based on the neutral word Time - since time-related magic could very well destroy life.
But there's also a (regular) Paralogos based on the positive word Justice - which could've been a Wicked based on the possible power/extend of their magic.


For this species/group this essentially means that:
- If you want a negative term at the above mentioned power level, you will have to make them a Wicked.
- If you want a neutral or positive term at that power level, you can decide to either make them a regular Paralogos or a Wicked.

Please note: Wicked Paralogos can't be created with regular MYO slots or as regular adopts!
- We aim to release a Wicked Paralogos adoptable of some kind once per year - these can only be created by mewhaku or Mouse, currently.
- To create a Wicked Paralogos as a member, you will need a Wicked Book. These can only be earned via the Achievement System - once per person.





As mentioned above, Wicked Paralogos do not observe or even go as far as directly contradicting the general 'rules' most Paralogos follow in terms of bodily appearance.
They can partially ignore for example the rules seen on the Design Guidelines page.

Wicked Paralogos can have:
- multiple head spikes, horns, and other changes
- more (or less) limbs than regular Paralogos and/or limbs with unusual placements
- distorted anatomy
- features that aren't referenced in their word (f.e. horns, spikes, pawpads, wings, and similar)
- more than one tier 1 magic ability/effect (3 at most)

However they still need:
- a crest
- lights of some kind
- a segmented tail
- their colors & patterns/markings to relate to their word in some way

They also still need to observe the banned words category (since there are certain words that may never be claimed for any kind of Paralogos)
- These are generally extremely negative/harmful terms, political terms, or religious terms.
- Furthermore, copyrighted terms are not allowed to be chosen as Paralogos-words.
- Curse words are also banned overall.
- But words like Death, Life, etc, are not banned, for example.
The group does have a partially complex blacklist, currently. Please inquire about this list/specific words by sending a message to the group itself via Discord or on the Site Questions prompt.

Again, you will need to reference the masterlist and check to ensure your word hasn't already been used.
- We imagine words like Love, Death, Life, and similar will be claimed, Time & Corruption already are.
- You can always use a word in a different language (which may have different design elements) if you want to work with a theme that's been claimed.
- Just type your word into the search bar and see if it pops up!

You can search for Wicked Paralogos directly on the masterlist (like this) to view other active Wicked Paralogos.
Any Wicked Paralogos which have potentially disturbing features (body horror, for example) are covered by content warnings in the Masterlist.
However actual gore and blood aren't currently allowed for Paralogos designs.