Chapter 6 - Paralogos Wisdom

The description of Paralogos magic in Chapter 3 - Magic truly displays how powerful these creatures are-- as long as they develop their abilities with time and focus spent carefully on improving them. Of course, some Paralogos use their abilities in negative ways... but overall one would want to cultivate a Paralogos' magical abilities.

Now the sheer strain of magical use on a Paralogos cannot be understated. As described in Chapter 3, Level 6 magic can even potentially kill a Paralogos for activating it.

But... there are ways to ease this strain, at least somewhat, on these extraordinary beings. After all, to remind us again of this realization:

"We, as beings of the world of Lingua, greatly overestimated our amount of natural resources. It seems the Paralogos are the only hope to gain access to some extinct, or simply depleted, objects and lifeforms. Humanity has no capacity for "magic" like the Paralogos do. The only magic humanity has is to call objects and concepts names and words-- which the Paralogos latch onto."

And if every Paralogos had such strain on themselves for using magic, surely they would be extinct.

If an individual aids their Paralogos in gaining Wisdom, this suffering through using magical abilities can be lessened, or even avoided for the most part. 
Now, this officially plays into not only daily life for Linguans, but also for a certain sport Paralogos can play... which we'll describe sometime in the future.

The path to attaining Wisdom is a different one for each Paralogos. 
Paralogos may even obtain some level of it independently, although it is easier gained if bonded to a caring caretaker.
Wisdom levels are self-determined via the completion of considerations known as Tasks.

If you check into the Task Hub, you'll be able to read up more on what these goals look like for your Paralogos.
Wisdom's path is entirely customized to the story and life of each Paralogos, but you can only complete a Task officially just once.
Wisdom is not directly connected to Magic (You can be more wise than you are magical!), but augments Magical Ability once that Magic tier is gained.

Like Magic, Wisdom mastering follows 6 tiers-- lowest level to highest.
If Magical Skill gain is your Paralogos growing up ability wise, Wisdom is your Paralogos growing up mentally and physically. You can find even more information about why Wisdom is so critical in Chapter 8.




A Paralogos who is described as Unaware has all the normal levels of strain described in the Magic Chapter. 
If they command a great deal of Magic, but have no aptitude for knowing themselves and knowing others around them... this proves to be dangerous for a Paralogos. 

Magic can short-circuit at all levels or 'miss'. Levels 1 & 2 are generally safe. Causes strain at levels 3+


This Paralogos has started to learn more directly about their world and surroundings. 
They are more comfortable with acting as themselves, and commanding their most basic abilities. 

Paralogos can use Magic Levels 1 & 2 effortlessly as they did before. Strain of Levels 3 & 4 are lessened slightly.

This Paralogos is much more comfortable in their own skin, and is learning more about the world each day. 
They are eager, and excited to explore ever further not only their own research-- but also to learn about topics that branch from their own word focus. 

Strain of Levels 3 & 4 are lessened more significantly, Level 5 is slightly lessened.

Not only is this Paralogos pretty accomplished in their own right, they no longer fear the unknown. 
They crave it, they seek it, and practice Magic regularly without as much hesitance. 
They are seen as mentors to younger or less skilled Paralogos. 

Strain of Level 3 magic is removed, and Level 6 magic strain starts to lessen slightly.


This Paralogos if probably teaching its Caretaker about the world around themselves more than anything else- they comfortably test their boundaries and try to reach farther than ever before. 

Strain of Levels 4+ magic reduced slightly, with Level 4 magic being relatively not too stressful to undergo.

While this Paralogos has mastery over their most basic Magics, they can start more comfortably dealing with higher tiers that otherwise wouldn't be trifled with. 
The Level 5 magic deals with Revival-- mastery is just out of reach for that skill, but this Paralogos no longer fears attempting that feat. 

Level 5 magic is now sustainable-- Paralogos will no longer faint from Level 5 use. They will however be strained and the magic can still fizzle out.

Now comfortable with themselves and their own knowledge of the world around them-- not just in small ways, but in the broadest of definitions, this Paralogos can work with the highest levels of their magical abilities without fear. 
However, one wonders if this is merely some small safeguard, and if trifling with the the laws of the world themselves can still be the 'wrong' thing to do. 

Level 6 magic can now be sustained without fear of perishing, or otherwise great injury. Can be used in less dire situations, sparingly.


In order to track the progression of known Paralogos' wisdom path-- please refer to this annex. 
It will detail the tasks one must undergo with their Paralogos in order to help them grow their wisdom to the highest degree.

Go to Annex 3: Task Hub to learn how to officially aid your Paralogos and upgrade their wisdom skill!

Higher level Paralogos will always be at risk for higher levels for strain, generally speaking, or words which are broader will have more difficulty controlling their Magical abilities. 
Hopefully, this will help safeguard a Paralogos from undergoing otherwise avoidable strain, especially if they participate in The Games voluntarily.