Chaotic Discovery & a New Year of Competitions

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A New Year brings New Changes...

We welcome the equivalent to Wicked Paralogos- Maverick Whifflings, onto the World of Lingua website!

This is in preparation for the Whiffling Achievements system releasing later this month, thank you all so much for being patient with us!

[Again, please do not send in submissions for that until it fully releases! We need to make a functioning spreadsheet and pages for it.]

Maverick Whifflings are a unique Whiffling type that seems to rebel against their "normal" forms, going beyond the expressions of Devilish, Fae, and Elemental subtypes. We'll be having an Auction for both a Wicked Paralogos MYO Slot and a Maverick Whiffling MYO Slot within the month of January! So please stay tuned.

On that note- there's some big plans ahead for the year in the World of Lingua in terms of Prompts, an Event for the year [2022].

Noticing the entrance of a Wicked Paralogos and Maverick Whiffling as the year turned- Paprika wonders.. which of the two is better, stronger even? But fortunately, before he could ask that specific question, his caretaker figured it'd be a good idea to stop him there.

Regardless: Paprika ended up getting the idea of starting several competitions this year, which is how the Year of Competitions was born!


Let's introduce the rules. And yes, this does count as an Event entry for any associated Achievements if you enter in any given month!

People get 1 ticket per month they provide a submission, with a maximum of 3. [It does still count if you collab with someone on the same side.]

These tickets will go to a Wicked or Maverick raffle to be rolled in January 2023. [The winner can pick whichever they'd prefer.]


On the premise that a user creates a submission every single month:

After 4 unique months, the base ink or cap reward gets doubled to 10 for every submission made in the months after. (Submissions made during the 4th month do not count.) [This would trigger in April, counting for May and onward.]

After 6 unique months, the user gains a Mysterious Simple Bag. [This would be for June.]

After 9 unique months, the base ink or cap reward becomes tripled, to 15 for every submission made in the months after, and the bonus reward gets doubled to 10. This means someone could earn a total of 25 ink & 10 caps OR 10 ink & 25 caps. (Submissions made during the 9th month do not count.) [This would trigger in September, counting for October and onward.]

On the 12th month, if the user has made a submission in all 11 months prior, they receive a Mysterious Fancy Bag. [December specifically.]


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