Achievement System

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Welcome to the Achievement System!

"Ah- Good day, friend!
I see you've been quite active in this community of ours, haven't you?
Well you're in luck, then! The Paralogos And Librarian Society (PALS) just developed this new system designed to reward citizens like you!
Come sit down with me and I'll explain you everything you need to know~"

This feature not only enables you to collect fun achievement seals by fulfilling certain requirements and quests, but will also reward you with a variety of rare (or even exclusive!) items for doing so!


You can find all available achievements in the list linked above.

When you completed one (or multiple) of these achievements, you’ll have to make a claim to earn the associated amount of Achievement Points (AP).

  1. In the URL section, write “claiming AP”
  2. In the “comment” section, add proof of you having completed the achievement
  3. Then add the achievement(s) you wish to claim as rewards (see screenshot).
    1. Yes, you can claim multiple achievements with one claim! Just make sure to add all of them as rewards.
  4. Then click on “submit” to submit your AP claim.

When your claim gets confirmed by an admin, your achievements will automatically be displayed in your inventory!

You can check your current AP balance on this spreadsheet!

For every 25 AP you earn you will get a reward (as outlined below!) - to claim these rewards, you’ll have to make a claim.

  1. In the URL section, write “claiming achievement reward”
  2. In the “comment” section, mention which milestone you’re claiming for
  3. Then add the rewards you wish to claim as rewards (see screenshot).
  4. Then click on “submit” to submit your reward claim.

When your claim gets confirmed by an admin, your rewards will automatically be added to your inventory!




You will earn a reward for every 25 AP milestone you reach.

25 AP | 50 AP | 75 AP | 100 AP

(reward is 1x Simple Loot Bag)


125 AP | 150 AP | 175 AP | 200 AP | 225 AP | 250 AP | 275 AP | 300 AP

You get to choose one (1) out of the following reward packs:

[ Ink Pack ]
(includes 1x Bottle of Ink, 1x Parcel of Ink + 1x Chest of Ink)

22-image.png 30-image.png 24-image.png

[ Friends Pack ]
(includes 1x Normal Companion Card, 1x Mythical Companion Card, 1x Dinosaur Companion Card + 1x Unlimited Companion Card)

18-image.png 19-image.png 20-image.png 21-image.png
[ Gamble Pack ]
(includes 1x Fancy Loot Bag OR 2x Simple Loot Bag)

30-image.png 30-image.png
[ Small Makeover Pack ]
(includes 1x Snapshot, 1x De-Maginator + 1x Small Redesign Kit)

28-image.png 27-image.png 25-image.png

[ Large Makeover Pack ]
(includes 2x Snapshot + 1x Large Redesign Kit)

28-image.png 28-image.png 26-image.png
[ Creation Pack ]
(includes 1x Unlimited Companion Card + one of the following: MYO Book Level 1 / 2 / 3)

+ Choose One (1):
10-image.png 11-image.png 12-image.png
[ Photographer Pack ]
(includes 5x Snapshot)

28-image.png 28-image.png 28-image.png
28-image.png 28-image.png

At 200 AP you will earn the highest possible reward:
This book allows you to create a Wicked Paralogos - either on your own (as a MYO) or with help of an Official Artist (as a custom).

More information on what Wicked Paralogos are & how to design one can be found here!



Members who earn the three highest achievement-related achievements will gain a permanent place on our frontpage MVP display as well as the following decorative trophies:

for completing the achievement:
"Rounded Up Champion"
for completing the achievement:
"True Champion"
for completing the achievement:
"Nerd's Six-Pack"