19 May 2020 (2 years ago)


Provie (pronounced Prah-vee) | she/her | Early 30s | Midwest, USA 

I am also Event Coordinator for Mothcats, and the Owner/Creator of Puppillars!

I am also an active member of thr following groups:

Ko-Fi Ti Jar

Commissions |  Trello

Toyhouse | Art Fight | Neopets | deviantart | Twitter | Art Tumblr

Needed Achievments for Paras:

Quirks (technically completed): Aquire a Wicked

Wisdom: 1 tier 3 / 1 tier 6 / 3 tier 1 / 3 tier 3 / 3 tier 6

Achievment Related: All

Needed Achievments for Whiffs: 

smell the rainbow - need rare whiff

two sides of the same coin - need fae whiff

a friend to the lonely - buy a whiff thats been for sale for 3 mo

true partners - breeding

life begins - breeding

master of elements - elemental whiff

pets - 1/3/6

magic pets - 1/4/8

creative magic - depict magic

party goer - 

keep it going - 3 consecutive monthly prompts

golden bottlecap collector - 200 bottlecaps

the gift that keeps on giving - gift a whiff item

teamwork makes the dreamwork - collab

love is in the air - breeding with another member

honoring the spotlight - draw a spotlight whiff

grand prize - own a spotlight whiffling

crowns - 1 copper/1 silver/1 gold/3 copper/3 silver/3 gold

134 Ink
113 Bottlecaps
Recent Items
7th Anniversary Memento
Pair of Wings
Dinosaur Companion Card
Unlimited Companion Card
Paralogos Achievements
Whiffling Achievements

Characters / Paralogos / Whifflings / Caretakers

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