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Word: Cookie (Frosted Sugar)

Cookie: early 18th century: from Dutch koekje ‘little cake’, diminutive of koek .

Frosting [Icing]: 1769 in the confectionery sense, "coating of concreted sugar," verbal noun of ice (v.). Earlier in this sense was simple ice (1723); frosting came later. Meaning "process of becoming covered with ice" is from 1881.

Sugar: late 13c., sugre, from Old French sucre "sugar" (12c.), from Medieval Latin succarum, from Arabic sukkar, from Persian shakar, from Sanskrit sharkara "ground or candied sugar," originally "grit, gravel" (cognate with Greek kroke "pebble"). The Arabic word also was borrowed in Italian (zucchero), Spanish (azucar, with the Arabic article), and German (Old High German zucura, German Zucker), and its forms are represented in most European languages (such as Serbian cukar, Polish cukier, Russian sakhar).

This type of sugar cookie is rather common in grocery stores, as certain varieties can be very shelf stable. Can describe any number of variations and style types of a frosted sugar cookie. 

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