PARA-98-Dawn: Dawn

Owned by Inkcess

Caretaker Status: Bonded to CARE-31

Affiliated companion(s): COM-103-98-1

Level 5 - abstract
Word: Dawn

Late 15th century (as a verb): back-formation from Middle English dawning.

The first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.

Magic Status: 6 - Master
Tier 1 - Unfailingly wakes before dawn.
Tier 2 - Can accurately predict the time of dawn.
Tier 3 - Can help to clear smog or pollution at dawn over cities, when this Paralogos' magic is strongest.
Tier 4 - Can manipulate the intensity of the perceived colors and patterns in the dawn sky to those around themselves.
Tier 5 - Can make it seem like it is dawn to lifeforms in their vicinity, regardless of the time of the day.
Tier 6 - Can temporarily shift into a less solid, more cloudlike form.

Wisdom Status: 6 - Omniscient
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21 May 2020, 01:36:16 EDT

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