PARA-601-Rebirth: Redivi

Owned by Jingletail

Caretaker Status: Bonded to CARE-33

Affiliated companion(s): COM-150-601-1 & COM-151-601-2

Level 5 - abstract
Word: Rebirth

1812, "reincarnation, repeated birth into temporal existence;" 1833, "renewed life or activity, reanimation, regeneration," from re- "back, again" + birth (n.).

The process of being reincarnated or born again.

Magic Status: 4 - Journeyman
Tier 1 - Individuals near this Paralogos may feel inclined to restart a once loved hobby or activity.
Tier 2 - Can sense other lifeforms going through renewals or otherwise existing/entering different life stages.
Tier 3 - Can help soothe a life transition- not able to change its course, but can ease "growing pains" and similar.
Tier 4 - Can manipulate the speed or slowness with which something enters a differing life stage to a very minor degree, such as quicken a birth, slow an aging, etc. Strengthens with wisdom.

Wisdom Status: 6 - Omniscient
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6 September 2021, 13:10:49 EDT

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