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[Scroll to the very bottom of this news post to see the conclusion of the event!]


The Paralogos registration system has experienced an unforeseen downtime last night that resulted in medium to severe levels of data corruption. While the circumstances are under investigation, all services that require data changes are being put on hold. If you seem to be affected by the corruption, please contact us via the relevant forms on the company website. We ask for your patience and understanding."

The pre-recorded announcement fades out in the completely empty hall of Sermos' Paralogos office. You just came here to make a small change to one of your records, but it appears that this will have to wait for another time. But before you can even turn to leave, you hear an electronic "oh-oh" sound and then someone addresses you: "Hello, I'm Jave. Are you part of the reinforcements sent by our associates at PALS?"

You turn around and spot a large Paralogos with a tiny, screaming one a few steps away. They look at you with tired eyes and add much quieter: "Please say yes, I'm gonna lose my mind if I have to get back in there empty-handed."
You make a thinking sound, which the Paralogos takes as confirmation. "Great! Let's get you to base so you can get briefed."

Event Briefing

It was discovered that the Paralogos registration records #280 to #289 have been completely lost to some very strange data corruption phenomenon. Now the database admins are trying their hardest to figure out who these ten Paralogos could possibly be - so they can make sure that the records are fixed asap!
But for that, they need your help!

Over the course of the next few weeks, Jave and their team will share objectives on this page, which outline the specific steps they need you to take in order to help identify the lost Paralogos.
There will be rewards for each objective, including a special bonus reward for completing the bonus objective each objective comes with.
This special bonus reward is a raffle ticket for a very valuable prize that will be raffled off when all ten records have been restored (so at the end of this event).
(Meaning that the more bonus objectives you complete, the better your odds of winning the big final prize!)

Note that only the "Encrypted Data" objective will require you to draw. The other four objectives require you to think more than anything else!

Disclaimer: This is a single-player event, meaning please do not share or discuss specifics about objective solutions!
You are free to talk about the event or objectives in general, but we ask you to f.e. not share scavenger hunt locations.


Available Objectives


Completed Objectives


Wolpertinger Puzzle (PARA-280-Wolpertinger)

Encrypted Data (PARA-281-Encrypted)

Blurry Pictures (PARA-282-Cryptid)

Riddle Hunt (PARA-283-Riddle)

Focus Guessing (The Hidden Ones)



Event Schedule

(Note: All deadlines mentioned in this event are at 11:59 PM server time, which can be checked on the front page!)

Nov 11th: 2 Objectives (Deadlines: Dec 10th & Nov 20th)
Nov 21st: 1 Objective (Deadline: Nov 30th)
Dec 1st: 1 Objective (Deadline: Dec 10th)
Dec 11th: 1 Objective (Deadline: Dec 20th)
Dec 21st: Final Raffle is rolled





A huge crowd has gathered in Sermos' Paralogos office. The deadline that the strange two-headed Paralogos had given everyone has now since passed and it appears that half the city wants to know is was going to happen next.
Mystery walks up to the crowd from seemingly nowhere and opens their arms theatrically, their voice booming: "Greetings again, everyone! We're so glad to see all of you so entranced with our performance!" - "We, too, were very excited to watch you all solve our riddles." - "And you did!" - "You did, indeed. So as promised, we are releasing the five mysterious Paralogos into your city!" - "They don't have anyone, so try to look out for them, alright?"
The five Paralogos step out from behind the towering Mystery, a confused look on their faces, before they disappear into the crowd, aimlessly.

"Okay. That out of the way-! We've watched you all closely." - "Very closely." - "And we determined several of you to be fit to be our assistant." - "Ohh, but we can only use one of you. So we decided-" - "We decided, through our mysterious ways, on just one. bonnbonn. You are the chosen one." - "We will come into contact with you on our own terms." - "To everyone else: Thank you for your enthusiastic cooperation."
They bow to the crowd and call with their combined voices: "That will be all."
Seconds later, they are nowhere to be found. The only thing left of them are scattered pieces of paper everywhere and small purple tokens that just appeared in everyone's hands. How did they do that?


Encrypted Data - Results

Winner: Scarletwind
Second Place: Iron
Third Place: PromptoBeans


Focus Guessing - Results

The five Paralogos have been identified and are now available as OTA adopts!

Thank you all for joining our event! We hope you had as much fun as we did! =)

To claim your Mystery Memento, please reply here!
(Note that only those who entered at least one (1) objective can claim a Memento!)


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platonicharmonics Avatar

I'd love to claim a memento!! Thank you so much for everything!!! <3

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I would love to claim a memento, please! Thank you, this event was amazing!!!

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So excited to participate in this event! The current tasks are super cool and I'm excited to see what the others will be!!

2020-11-12 17:13:35

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This is so exciting! Thank you for a fun event! Looking forward to all the objectives

2020-11-12 02:29:18

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