[LR] Focus Guessing


Before Jave could say anything to you, a strange two-headed Paralogos pushes them out of the frame and addresses you directly.
"Greetings! It's nice to finally meet you, after watching you struggle and work through these... mysterious circumstances." They chuckle and their voice shifts, as if now the other head is speaking. "That's right! You figured out our word, so we might as well introduce ourselves now, before the suspense kills you." - "That would be truly unfortunate."
They then open their arms theatrically and speak with both voices at once: "We are Mystery. Everything that transpired these past weeks, everything that puzzled you and shook you to your core - everything! - was our doing!"
The first voice speaks again: "But we're not done yet! You see, we're looking for someone." - "A human, to be precise." - "Not everything is perfectly accessible for us, so we require a human assistant to help us set up our legendary mysteries." - "Significantly more mysterious and legendary than this small display of our powers, of course." - "Of course! And where else could we find the perfect candidate if not in a group of humans who actively solved our mysteries?" Both voices laugh complacently. "So go! Solve our last mystery and thus prove your worth to us. We will be watching."
The transmission cuts out, the image of their ominous grins etched into your memory.

Deadline: December 20th - COMPLETED


Mystery is willing to release the remaining kidnapped Paralogos if you manage to guess their word focuses based on minimal information that they provided you with.
Your goal is to guess the word focus of all five (5) Paralogos whose files can be found here:

File of #284 | File of #285 | File of #286 | File of #287 | File of #288

To do so, you are allowed to ask two (2) yes/no questions total per day and you get two (2) tries per Paralogos.
Yes/No Question Rules:
- You can only ask questions that can be answered with yes or no
- Answers will be one of the following: yes / probably / maybe / probably not / no / unknown
- Questions about specific word focuses will NOT be answered (f.e. "Is the word 'tree'?")
- You can distribute your two daily questions however you want!
- You can only ask questions publically on the respective files - we will NOT answer questions about the word focuses anywhere else!
- Please give us admins at least 24 hours to answer your questions. You are free to ask your next two questions on the next day even if your first two haven't been answered yet!

To send in a guess (or several!), make a new submission to the event prompt with the number of the Paralogos whose word focus you're guessing and your guess(es) in the comment section and the URL "Focus Guessing". (For example: "#284 - Tree, #285 - Car, #285 - Engine" could be sent in as one (1) submission!)


Based on how many word focuses you get right you will get the following reward:
1 Correct: 5 1-icon.png
2 Correct: 10 1-icon.png
3 Correct: Simple Loot Bag
4 Correct: Simple Loot Bag (+ Special Raffle Ticket)
5 Correct: Fancy Loot Bag (+ Special Raffle Ticket)
(These rewards will be granted to you automatically after the deadline has passed, based on your final results.)


Bonus Objective

Requirement: Guess at least four (4) of the five (5) word focuses correctly!


If you guess at least four (4) word focuses correctly, you will receive 1 Special Raffle ticket.
(The Special Raffle ticket will be granted to you automatically after the deadline has passed, assuming you fulfill the requirement.)

Note: This is the Special Raffle Ticket noted in the rewards section of the main objective above. You can earn exactly one (1) Special Raffle Ticket with this entire objective.