[LR] Blurry Pictures


"A few days ago, we were contacted by someone with a set of very strange pictures they've taken with a stationary camera and a motion detector... for an art project, I believe? It appears like there's a Paralogos who roams that particular area and cannot be captured on videos or images. Now, we do not have any Paralogos with that ability in our database, so we're led to believe they are one of our ten targets. Our image recovery team did their best to enhance the pictures' quality, but it's still all blurry. However, we noticed there are some Paralogos in the background of these pictures. If we can manage to identify those Paralogos that were -evidently- directly next to our target, maybe they could give us valuable information?"

Deadline: November 30th - COMPLETED


Your goal is to identify all eight (8) Paralogos visible in the background of the provided pictures (see below).

Once you're certain you identified them all (or as many as possible), make a new submission to the event prompt with list of all identified Paralogos in the comment section (f.e. as masterlist links, codes or word focuses) and the URL "Blurry Pictures".

Note: You only have one try, so make sure you're absolutely certain before sending in your answers!


The currently unknown Paralogos will be assigned a caretaker after being identified - meaning they will be raffled off.
You will receive 1 raffle ticket for identifying at least 4 Paralogos and an an additional ticket for identifying all of them.
(These raffle tickets will be granted to you automatically based on how many Paralogos you identified correctly.)


Bonus Objective

Requirement: Identify all eight (8) Paralogos


If you identify all eight (8) Paralogos, you will receive 1 Special Raffle ticket.
(The Special Raffle ticket will be granted to you automatically, assuming you fulfill the requirement.)