19 May 2020 (2 years ago)

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Please DM me on Discord if you need me!
Most of my characters are tagged Ask First for art- I will almost certainly be okay with it, but I don't handle surprises well!
A few, however, are tagged No Giftart - these are very personal characters, generally, you can ask if we're mutuals but please understand if I say no! (Or else, they're pending design changes, and will be moved to Ask when that's done.)
Looking For

Designs for the Tarot Card Paralogos:
If you're interested in designing one, please contact me! I will be happy to tell you which ones are still open.
Mostly looking for design trades, but can also just do art or talk about commissions.

Wicked MYO Slots:
I realize this is unlikely, but if you get the Wicked MYO Book and decide you have no plans, I would be willing to do a substantial amount of art for it.
This offer is only open for extant books! I will not consider offers that do not have the book in hand. Additionally, this offer is only intended for people who get the book, then realize they have no plans- do not aim for the book for this offer, thanks!

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