[LR] Riddle Hunt


"Okay, I... This is getting out of hand. Someone mailed a ransom note to our base of operations last night. Well, mailed is a big word, considering the envelope was completely unmarked - no address, no name, no fingerprints even. And the content of the note? Cryptic as hell. None of us know what's going on at this point. Can you make sense out of this?"

Deadline: December 10th - COMPLETED


Someone set up an elaborate riddle hunt with six (6) consecutive riddles that you have to solve.
The answers to each riddle are either specific Paralogos (meaning masterlist entries) or places (meaning pages, shops, etc).
A correct answer is marked with the following token:
If the answer is a Paralogos, the token can be found in the "notes" section.
The next clue can always be found on the found token.

Your goal is to find and claim all of them. To do so, click on the token that you've found and then on the "claim" button. You can check all your found tokens here.
(We recommend writing down the locations and/or clues while solving the riddles.)


The currently unknown Paralogos will be assigned a caretaker after being identified - meaning they will be raffled off.
You will receive 1 raffle ticket for solving at least three (3) riddles and an an additional ticket for solving all of them.
(These raffle tickets will be granted to you automatically after the deadline has passed based on how many tokens you've claimed.)


Bonus Objective

Requirement: Solve all six (6) riddles

The last token comes with with a bonus riddle to find out the word of the culprit. (Hint: this word is not from an existing Paralogos!)
If you've figured out their word, make a new submission to the event prompt with the word in the comment section and the URL "Riddle Hunt".
Note: You only have one (1) attempt!


If you correctly identify the culprit's word, you will receive 1 Special Raffle ticket.