[LR] Encrypted Data


"Out of all the lost records, this one seems to be the most accessible... though that might not mean much. It's a bit of a self-fulfulling prophecy really, with a word focus like 'Encrypted'. Their record's data appears to be fully encrypted, different parts in different systems. We managed to crack a few of them, but others are complete gibberish to us. Could you please help us fill out the missing gaps? Just, like, guess? We're betting on the hive mind here - if enough people guess, surely the correct answer will be favored...?"

Deadline: December 10th - COMPLETED


Your goal is to complete the design of the Paralogos with the word focus "Encrypted".
You've been provided with a lineart that includes all known features of the Paralogos (see below). You are allowed to add things (f.e. accessories), but you may not remove anything.

Once you're done, upload your image somewhere (f.e. sta.sh, discord, etc) and make a new submission to the event prompt with the image link in the comment section and the URL "Encrypted Data".
(Please make sure you provide a masterlist-ready version, aka a clear, flat-colored image with a transparent background - or if you're a traditional-only artist: a clear, flat-colored image with a white background.)


After the deadline has passed, a public vote will be held to determine the most accurate design.
If your design is voted first place, you will become the new owner of this Paralogos.


Bonus Objective

Requirement: send in a design for the main objective


If your design gets first, second or third place, you will receive 1 Special Raffle ticket.
(If there happens to be a tie, all tied parties will receive a Special Raffle ticket!)