[LR] Wolpertinger Puzzle


"Okay listen. This Paralogos came to us first in the morning to report someone stole their? body parts? They said their word focus is 'Wolpertinger' and we didn't find them in our database, so it's pretty likely that they're one of the ten who got lost." Jave sighs. "Now, they refuse to let us register them back into the system until they've got all their body parts... glued back on. Something about them feeling... naked...? I know this all sounds really strange, but please, can you help us find them?"

Deadline: November 20th - COMPLETED


A total of eight (8) body parts of the "Wolpertinger" Paralogos went missing. It appears they've been scattered around in the world of lingua (read: on this website).
Wolpertinger described them to look a bit like this:
Your goal is to find and claim all of them. To do so, click on the body part that you've found and then on the "claim" button. You can check all your found parts here.
Jave can guarantee you that they can't be found on the masterlist or on user-generated content (aka profiles).


The Wolpertinger Paralogos is interested in going home with one of the ones who help them find their body parts - meaning they will be raffled off.
You will receive 1 raffle ticket for finding at least 4 body parts and an an additional ticket for finding all of them.
(These raffle tickets will be granted to you automatically after the deadline has passed based on how many body parts you've claimed.)


Bonus Objective

Requirement: found all eight (8) body parts

To help the Wolpertinger Paralogos further, assist them in gluing their body parts back on their body.
To do so, you've been provided with their base design and all body parts below. You can either put them back together in an art program or print them out and glue them on physically.
Your goal is to provide us with an accurate reference of Wolpertinger - with each body part exactly where it belongs.

When you're done, upload your image somewhere (f.e. sta.sh, discord, etc) and make a new submission to the event prompt with the image link in the comment section and the URL "Wolpertinger Puzzle".


If you've placed all body parts correctly, you will receive 1 Special Raffle ticket.