MYO Process

This page outlines how the Paralogos MYO process works.
For information on the Companion MYO Process please read this page.


You can use the following items to create a MYO Paralogos:
10-image.png 11-image.png 12-image.png 13-image.png 14-image.png 15-image.png 16-image.png 17-image.png

They can be acquired in several ways:
- Purchased in the Ink Market.
- Received as a reward from the Achievement System.
- Randomly earned from a Loot Bag.
- Won as part of an event / contest / raffle.
- Received from another member via trades.


Before you can design a Paralogos, you need to choose the unique word they will be based on.

1) Make sure the word is the correct level of the MYO Book you own. (see The Level System)

2) Make sure the word hasn't been used or claimed yet.

2.1) Check the Masterlist by typing the word in the "Character Name/Code" search bar at the top.

2.2) Check the MYO Slot Masterlist by typing the word in the "Character Name/Code" search bar at the top.

2.3) Check the Legacy Word Claims page.

3) Make sure the word isn't Wicked if you're using a regular MYO Book. (see Chapter 4 - Wickeds)

If you've checked for all of these cases, you're ready for the next step!


In order to get your chosen word approved and your MYO Slot ready for use, head over to the Start MYO Process prompt and make a submission.

Make sure to click on "Show details..." to find the appropriate form for you to submit.


Check out the Design Guidelines and Masterlist to get a concept of what is and isn't allowed.

Make sure you can provide a clear, flat-colored image with a transparent background.
(If you're a traditional-only artist, we will accept a clear, flat-colored image with a white background.)

You are allowed to give your Paralogos a Tier 1 Magic Ability upon creation. (see Chapter 3 - Magic)
You can also decide on a Caretaker Status upon creation. (see Annex 5 - Caretakers)
Both of these are optional and can always be added or changed later on via the ARPG.


1) Go to the MYO Slot in question and click "Submit MYO design".

2) Go to the "Comments" Tab and fill out the following form in the text field:

Intended Tier 1 Ability (optional): (short description)
Intended Caretaker Status (optional): (rogue/bonded*/unknown)

(*if you select "bonded", please add a link to the Caretaker's masterlist entry)

-> Then save the tab by clicking the "save" button!

3) Go to the "Masterlist Image" tab

3.1) Upload a transparent, flatcolored fullbody artwork of the MYO design (the same file you would've submitted via group notes before)

3.2) Add designer and artist credit on the tab

3.3) Click on "save"

4) Go to the "Add-Ons" tab and click on "save"

5) Go to the "Traits" tab and click on "save"

6) Go to the "Status" tab and click on "Submit Request"

An admin will then go over your request and possibly comment on it in case something needs to be altered.
Otherwise the request will be approved and your MYO design will be made official.