Free to Use WoL Bases



These bases are free to be used by members for any of the following purposes:

- Creation of artwork of existing Paralogos or Whifflings (personal or for other members)

- Creation of Paralogos or Whiffling MYO designs (personal or for other members)

These bases may not be used for any of the following purposes:

- Creation of designs with the express intent of exclusively using them outside of the group (this especially includes the intent of trading or selling those designs)

- Creation of artwork of non-WoL characters

Please also note the following:

- You may edit the base as much as you see fit, as long as all species rules continue to be obeyed.

- If you intend on using an official base to create art or a MYO design for another member, make sure to communicate the fact that you're using a base clearly to the other person beforehand!

- If you use this base for your character's masterlist artwork, make sure to give the artist of the base partial artist credit when you submit it.

- When you submit a filled-out base to the gallery, make sure to check the "Base (P2U/F2U) or YCH" box on the form.

- You will only ever get ink/bottlecaps for the changes you have made to the base (coloring, significant lineart edits, etc.), not the base itself.


Paralogos Bases


Whiffling Bases