Legacy Word Claims

This is a list of Word Claims that were made before the creation of this website and therefore aren't attached to a MYO Slot.
If your name is on this list, please head over to the Start MYO Process prompt in order to attach your claimed word to a new MYO Slot.



We retired the Expiration system, meaning that all words are claimed indefinitely.
However, we reserve the right to contest a word claim after two years have passed without activity.
(This rule also applies to word claims that are attached to MYO Slots.)

How does contesting work?

If a word claim is 2 years or older, members who are interested in that word are allowed to send in an inquiry for that word via the Ask Questions Here prompt.
We will then reach out to the original user who claimed the word and give them the opportunity to let us know whether they still intend on using that word claim.
If they do not reply over the course of a month or do not wish to use the word claim, it will be given to the inquiring member.


(The text in orange signifies when a claim was made.)

@GhoulishDemise - Octopus (Blue Ringed) [April 2017]
TiredOldSoldiers - Wraith [March 2020]
TiredOldSoldiers - Whiteout [March 2020]
@cutevulpix56 - Lotus (Flower) [March 2020]
tgi - Festive [March 2020]
@dratimeg - Abyss [March 2020]
Shadonut - Schadenfreude ["harm-joy"] [May 2020]