Paralogos Design Guide

The Paralogos species which the ParalogosDictionary group focuses on is what is called a Closed Species [CS].

As a result, characters must fit within certain guidelines to be approved as a Paralogos creature/design. Character approval for official use in the Art-Role-Playing Game [ARPG] requires that you have earned the character in some way, whether through purchase, event, or buying a Make Your Own [MYO] Character Slot.

While the Paralogos species does not have what are commonly called traits in the CS community, there are certain appearance restrictions and guidelines that you'll need to follow!

Paralogos as a species are illusionary- their essence leaks out via their lights to project a physical form into reality, essentially. This form is based or centered around a given word or piece of language. Hence, their appearance must directly relate to and come from that point of focus.

Quick Paralogos "MUST's":

  1. All Paralogos MUST have lights found on their outer bodies, placement and color of these lights can differ immensely.
  2. All Paralogos MUST be based generally on the body structure of a parasaurolophus dinosaur.
  3. All Paralogos MUST have head crests, their fins may differ.
  4. All Paralogos MUST have leopard gecko INSPIRED squishy softer tails with segments clearly shown on their design, these tails can vary immensely in their length, form, color and more however. They MUST have at least 4 segments.
  5. All Paralogos MUST have hand-like appendages, with varience again based on the word focus in question.
  6. All Paralogos MUST have their own word focus- no two are the same. Different LANGUAGES can be used however for similar themes.
  7. All Paralogos MUST have dinosaurian feet- some liberties are allowed, but humanlike heels/calves and similar are not allowed.

Quick Paralogos "MUST NOT'S":

  1. All Paralogos MUST NOT have additional appendages unrelated to their word focus. 
    1. Prime examples of MUST NOT's are Paralogos with wings when they aren't related to flight, birds, etc. Horns and spines, paw pads, and more of that nature. At their base, they take inspiration from dinosaurs after all!
    2. Regarding "beaks", we have a visual guide of what goes too far. Remember, if your design goes into the too far category, it will be rejected. They do NOT have actual beaks. Some have beak like markings.
    3. Paralogos cannot have functional additional ears of other species, even if they are a Level 3 term. They still need the dinosaurian head profile. However, you can see many Paralogos sport faux ears, as headbands, clips, and more, so get creative!
  2. All Paralogos MUST NOT take colors unrelated to their word focus.
    1. Examples include a purple Paralogos based on a type of cat, unless said cat would be purple normally. 
    2. You can have some liberties with coloration and patterns, we invite you to look at our masterlist- but it still must be inspired directly by their word focus.
  3. All Paralogos Word Focuses MUST NOT be banned by the group to allow for use. Generally this group is PG-13 in terms of idea allowance.
    1. These banned terms are generally rather negative terms, political terms, or religious terms. Certain illnesses for example [cancer] are also so overwhelming that we ask to be sensitive to those affected and do not allow use of said word types. 
    2. The group does have a partially complex blacklist, currently. Some terms just end up being too nuanced to list off. If you're unsure, please use the Ask Questions Here Prompt.
    3. Please inquire about this list further by sending a message to the group itself. Copyrighted terms are also not allowed.
  4. On that note, Paralogos MUST NOT be based on coprighted characters or ideas. A little bit of inspiration is fine, direct reference is not.