Guest Artist Information

Rules and Conditions

- Guest Artists get to design and sell 1-4 Paralogos OR 1-4 Whifflings (or a mix).
- You can keep 100% of the profits. You will need to provide buyers with a way to pay you (PayPal is commonly used).
- You can choose your price(s) freely and style of the sale (Offer to Adopt, Auction, or Flatsale).
- You are allowed to use words of the Levels 1-3 in the case of Paralogos or Scents up to Uncommon rarity (with 1 additional trait each) for Whiffling designs.
- You will get a special GA Memento collectible item on site after posting your set!

- Guest Artists must abide by the Terms of Service.
- We will host the set of designs up for sale on the World of Lingua website. You can upload your set off-site and provide alternate forms of contact, but the main upload will always be on-site.
- There are additional details in our Staff Contract as well specific to Guest Artists, you will need to sign a copy before you can make these Guest designs for the group.
- One of these details is being present/available for 3 months at least after posting to be available to process said sale.
- Paralogos and Whiffling designs by Guest Artists will only be registered to the official masterlist upon finalized sale, but will receive the GA prefix beforehand, showing it is, in fact, an officially approved design.

If you are worried about any of these terms conflicting with your own personal artist terms of service, please note an administrator via Discord.

If you will be on hiatus, or otherwise can't handle the sale yourself-- please contact the group and let us know.
We'll be happy to handle the sale directly and send you the full payment upon successful sale.


How to Become a Guest Artist

In order to apply as a Guest Artist, send in the following form:
Guest Artist Form

We generally allow guest artist applications to be sent in at any time, but there is no promise that unless a specific request has been sent out for guest artists, that applications will be approved or accepted.
If we are specifically having a call open for Guest Artists, your form will be reviewed and replied to much sooner!
If you sent in a GA app through the form previously and would like to change your answers, just send in a new app with the updated info!


Unofficial Designing

On the note of unofficial design work and design trades/sales.
We have seen members have a lot of fun making designs for one another, and from time to time seen a transaction (whether an art trade or actual sale) where someone has had an Unofficial Design made for them.

We at the World of Lingua CANNOT and WILL NOT monitor these types of transactions, and as administrators cannot settle disputes.
For example, if an unofficial design is made for you and in the meanwhile the word or scent is claimed by someone else.
(We recommend for anyone in such a position to look to other languages for the same/similar word or a similar scent that will still be appropriate for a given design.)

We cannot reserve words or scents for people unless claimed via the MYO function.

We highly recommend if you are making a design for someone else unofficially, that they have the claimed MYO Slot in hand before you proceed.
If a design needs updates before final approval, those will also fall on whoever is submitting the design.
Administrators can provide design advice or confirmation if a design has any flaws of course, through normal means, but that is about all we can do in this realm.

Paralogos, Whiffling, Companion, Pet, or Caretaker Characters CANNOT be used in the group website unless registered to the Masterlist officially.
If you see bootlegs of our species or otherwise people claiming designs are ready for use when they aren't, please report it to us on Discord!