Annex 3 - Paralogos Task Hub

Ah, so you’d like to develop your Paralogos’ character? [Please note, only Paralogos can complete Wisdom Prompts.] Let’s find out a bit more about them…

In these Tasks you’ll gain Wisdom in your Paralogos’ endeavors to learn more about themselves and their surroundings.
You’ll explore their bond with the world around them, and perhaps their caretaker as well.
The levels are as follows: 0 - Unaware, 1 - Preschooler, 2 - Student, 3 - Scholar, 4 - Professor, 5 - Polymath, and 6 - Omniscient.

Wisdom levels are not directly connected to Magic Levels but they are something that shows up on your Paralogos’ Masterlist entry.
It also influences magical abilities as described in Chapter 8 more thoroughly.

When a Paralogos is traded or sold, you’ll have the choice whether or not to wipe their Wisdom slate clean as well, unless the new caretaker wants to keep their story intact.
You’ll help develop the world of Lingua through your Paralogos’ actions and decisions.

As we develop this system, there will be more Tasks to choose from- and overall, you’ll be able to be more flexible in choosing which Tasks to complete.
Right now, there are 6 Tasks, but more will be revealed. Until then, you’ll need to complete all 6 of these basic Tasks to max out your Paralogos’ Wisdom.

Each completed task raises the Paralogos' level by 1.
There is no official order, though you may only complete each task once for each Paralogos.

For a full description of Wisdom and Wisdom Levels - check out Chapter 6 - Wisdom.



Requirements for All Tasks:

Drawing: At least 1 Colored Fullbody
(NEW: only non-"pixelart", see Earning Ink)
with a detailed Background. [interacting with said background]
Writing: At least 800 words total.

Task entries must be unique, meaning you can't use 1 submission for multiple Paralogos or multiple submission types.
This means that a wisdom entry f.e. can't earn you a monthly prompt or magic bonus.



What did your Paralogos look like while they were maturing? 
Did your caretaker meet your Paralogos in the wild? Or did your Paralogos come to your library fully matured?
Chapter 5 - Paralogos Life Cycle - Read here to learn about Paralogos life cycles.

Task: Submit an image/story of your Paralogos before they fully became an adult.

You can submit an image of a Paralogos in the 'middle stage' of becoming how they look now by itself-
Or you can possibly draw or write about your caretaker finding your Para's egg, or a young Paralogos.
Maybe your caretaker can only imagine what your Paralogos looked like while young...

Where does your Paralogos live?
Are they roaming the lands of Lingua alone or do they have a caretaker?
If they have one, can their caretaker provide them with a large library or do they have to make do with a single bookshelf in a small apartment?
If not, how do they find the books and knowledge they're looking for?
Chapter 2 - The World - Read here to learn about the world Paralogos live in.

Task: Submit an image/story about where your Paralogos is staying/spending their time.

You can show/describe their library; Maybe they have a favorite spot?
You could also show/describe how they got there in the first place; How did they meet their caretaker?
Or if they're a Roamer, show/describe how they spend their days.
Are they walking aimlessly or visit specific places? Where do they rest?

What does your Paralogos do for a living?
If they have a caretaker, what was this caretaker looking for in a Paralogos before getting them? What are they helping with, if anything?
Or if your Paralogos chose the place themself, why did they go there specifically? What were they looking to do there?
Or if your Paralogos is a Roamer, what are they doing to get to their desired books?
Do they do contract work, travel from one library to the next or maybe they even attempt to steal books once in a while?

Task: Submit an image/story about what your Paralogos is doing all day long.

You can show/describe what they work on or help with on a daily basis. Why are they specifically so good for the job?
Or if they don't work on or help with anything, then what else are they doing?
Maybe their word focus dictates them to have a very peculiar living rhythm. If so, how do they and potentially their caretaker/other Paralogos deal with that.
You can show/describe whether your Paralogos is happy with their current situation or would like to change it. Would they even be able to change it?


What does the general human public think about your Paralogos?
If your Paralogos leaves the house, how do non-caretakers react to them?
Do they like your Paralogos, maybe even gift them things? Or are they scared of your Paralogos and avoid or even cuss at them?
Why are they reacting like this? And how does your Paralogos feel about it?
Do they like the humans, or ignore them or is your Paralogos maybe scared of them? Why?
Or if your Paralogos never leaves the house, why? Is it your Paralogos' decision or against their will?
Do they have bad past experiences or just prefer solitude or the comfort of their home? Perhaps look into Chapter 7 for inspiration.

Task: Submit an image/story about interactions between your Paralogos and non-caretaker humans.

You can show/describe your Paralogos casually leaving the house and interacting with humans on the street.
Or if they ever just interact with scientists, show/describe how those interactions look. How do both parties feel about those interactions?
Or if they avoid non-caretakers entirely, show/describe why and how they avoid them.

What do other Paralogos think about your Paralogos? And what does your Paralogos think about other Paralogos?
Do they live together with other Paralogos or prefer living/working alone?
Or would they like living together with other Paralogos but can't? If so, why?
Is their caretaker restraining them or is their word focus/concept of being preventing interactions?
If they do interact with other Paralogos, what are their thoughts on them? Do they enjoy interacting or dread it?
Do they only have business relations or actual friendships with other Paralogos?

Task: Submit an image/story about interactions between your Paralogos and other Paralogos.

You can show/describe your Paralogos meeting/talking to/working with another Paralogos and show/describe how either party feels about it.
Or if your Paralogos avoids interacting with other Paralogos, explain why and show/describe your Paralogos avoiding them.

What does your Paralogos think about themself?
Are they content with their life or see room for improvement?
Is something restraining them and if so, what or who? Do they believe they will be able to overcome it? Why or why not?
If they are happy, why? Is there something that makes them particularly happy or boosts their self confidence?
Are they proud of themself for how they contribute to society (if they do)? If not, why?
Do they like the way other individuals see and treat them? If not, why?
Would they like to change the way they act or seem towards others? If so, what's stopping them?

Task: Submit an image/story about your Paralogos' self reflection.

You can show/describe your Paralogos enjoying their perfect life/day. Is it fiction or reality?
Alternatively, you can show/describe your Paralogos' idealized version of themself. If it's different from reality, are they aware of that or being delusional?
You can also show/describe other individuals reflecting on your Paralogos' behavior and personality in their presence. Does your Paralogos agree or disagree with them?


Ask questions here.

Wisdom Task submissions, when completed for each tier, give you a bonus flat +10 INK.

Note: Your submissions will only be accepted after you submitted it to this folder and to the Wisdom Tasks Prompt!

1) Upload the artwork to deviantart and submit it to the appropriate Lorekeeper site folder (Wisdom Folder)
2) Submit the artwork to the Wisdom Tasks prompt.
Please note that you will additionally have to submit it to the Default Ink Rewards prompt in order to earn the default Ink rewards for the piece.
3) An admin will then approve your rewards and update the masterlist to reflect the new Wisdom tier.

To use a Spark of Insight, you will have to create a new claim.

In the comment field, please use the following form:

I would like to use a Spark of Insight to give [Paralogos ID/Code] their next wisdom tier.
Next Tier: [1-6]
Task: [Younger Days / Daily Life / Livelihood / Public Opinion / Intraspecies Opinion / Self-Image]

- Please add the Paralogos' masterlist entry to your claim via the “add character” feature.
- For the URL, please write “none”.
- Don’t select any reward (the reward is an update of the Paralogos’ masterlist entry)
- Select one (1) Spark of Insight under “Add-Ons” to add it to the submission (and therefore, use it).