[Gift] Art Fight Paralogos Mass Attack

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[Gift] Art Fight Paralogos Mass Attack
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Stained Glass style

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More stained glass art!!! Aaaaaaaa this is SO COOL oh my goodness!!! Thank you for including Maryoshka and Malak in this, I always enjoy your yearly Art Fight mass attacks because they help commemorate the occasion, and it's so fun to be included in something big! I super appreciate that you picked two characters who really need more interaction art for this -- Malak had NONE at the time you drew this, and Maryoshka has a disproportionately large amount of solo art compared to interaction art. So I'm happy to see them both included in a group picture like this! I love how you did the shape of Maryoshka's leafy sail, and the colors on Malak's sail turned out really awesome!! (Also, I LOVE how you did Cowboy's colors, too!!!) <333

2021-08-22 18:33:48

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