Submission Types

Off-Site Currency Rewards

Off-Site Currency Rewards

(OFF-SITE ONLY) Submit any artworks/literature/etc here that was made for you by non-registered users! (check details for rules/guidelines)



  1. Only submit artwork/literature/etc here that has been made by off-site/non-registered users for you.
    • If you create art yourself, you HAVE TO upload it to the on-site gallery instead.
  2. You can only submit pieces here that have a publicly accessible link (f.e. deviantart, toyhouse, discord, etc).
  3. For more information on what earns you Ink, please read the Earning Ink page.
  4. In your prompt submission description here, please fill out the following form.
    • You are free to either a) add the portrayed characters to your prompt submission via the "add character" option or b) use the "Character Details" line in the given form.
    • It's not required to do both - doing either a) or b) is enough.

Character Details: (Which characters are portrayed in the artwork? Who do they belong to?)
Artist: (link to any of the artist's accounts)
(if YCH) Reused Work Details: (Which parts of the artwork are reused? f.e. "reused lineart" or "reused pose sketch & background", etc)
(if literature) Word Count: 


Reward Amount
Ink 0
Art Fight Rewards

Art Fight Rewards

Submit here to receive awards for Art Fight attacking other site members!


This prompt is used to award currency bonuses from "attacking" other World of Lingua members on
Going forward, please use this prompt to receive bonus currency for making artwork of other group members' characters.

[Canto just loves any sort of competitions!]

This is NOT exclusive to World of Lingua characters. This is for any attacks on any characters belonging to World of Lingua users. 


Fill out the following form:

User attacked: [write their World of Lingua username here]

Link to the attack: [an external link (not the artfight image link) to the image]

Which currency would you like? [ink/bottlecaps]


Please then in the Rewards section add either +3 Ink, or +3 Bottlecaps [as you've previously chosen] and it will be processed. [You CAN Submit multiple submissions at once, just multiply 3 by however many attacks you're submitting!]

If you've RECEIVED an Art Fight attack from an off-site user OF ONE OF YOUR WORLD OF LINGUA CHARACTERS [from a user who doesn't have a World of Lingua account] please use the Off-Site Currency prompt. This prompt is only for users attacking [drawing a gift for] other World of Lingua users.



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