[Gift] Bonfire Party

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[Gift] Bonfire Party
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I made a lot of mistakes in this and I had  a hard time keeping track of everything. I hope it's alright. :/ And I also seriously hope I managed to add everyone, lol! I double-checked so hopefully it's all here.

Everyone's location! :D

Altair: In the air
Sweetie: Bottom Right
Mille: Next to Sweetie
Chinese Lantern: Running in front of fire
Cowboy: Running ahead of Chinese Lantern
Schloss: Under table on left side
Lucida: On top of table above Schloss
Nya: Behind and to the left of the fire
Prism: Next to Nya
Feesh: Front left
Fanta: Inside the light fish bowl
Redivi: Behind Sweetie
Flamey: On Redivi's crest
Fortune: Riding on Redivi's back
Hoya: Behind the fire on the right

I hope that's everyone.

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Inkcess Avatar

This entire piece is so gorgeous!!!! I love how you did the lighting! Thank you so much for including Mille

2021-11-18 08:42:26

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