[Gift] [AF 2023] Mass Attack

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[Gift] [AF 2023] Mass Attack
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In Paralogos & Triceridos Art ・ By Zevhara

I just enjoy doing mass attacks

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Submitted: 1 year agoLast Updated: 1 year ago

Mouse: Gift For
SpicyIsopods: Gift For
mewhaku: Gift For
Phoenix: Gift For
CalloftheRaptor: Gift For
draculaelliot: Gift For
Jingletail: Gift For
bonnbonn: Gift For
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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Haunt] YEEEEE THIS IS SO CUTE!!!! Nita was the PERFECT choice to include in this -- xie LOVES collecting fun group pictures for xir corkboards! And xie looks so cute and HAPPY! Also. LOVE the forehead cat sticker here. SUPER cute. Thanks so much!! <3

Lots of other cuties here, too! LOVE how Sugar's frosting drips look, and Twilight and Dawn look SO COOL in your style!

2023-10-20 23:31:49

draculaelliot Avatar

This looks SO GORGEOUS!! And so full of personality!!! Thank you for including Lucy!!!

2023-07-11 11:28:02

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Thanks so much for including Ginkgo!!!

2023-07-10 16:56:27

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