July Spotlight

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Hey everyone! As we go into July... we wish everyone participating in Art Fight good luck this year! We also have some site updates as per usual.

Please remember that Art Fight entries do count as gifts! If you are submitting off-site artwork to get your currency rewards, please link us a Toyhouse gallery link or DeviantArt stash link with appropriate credits, as our staff will not process direct Art Fight links [as they require login, and just the image link won't have artist credits].

We have also made a major update for Staff for World of Lingua, as we now have an Official Staff Contract.
Future Guest Artists will have a version of this to agree to upon being selected from future applications. Also, any future Staff in general will need to sign it as well.

As part of officializing a Staff Contract however, mewhaku has created a wonderful set of Mementos to be awarded to past, present, and future Staff Members:


144-image.png - 143-image.png - 146-image.png - 142-image.png - 145-image.png - 141-image.png


These are in the process of being awarded to individuals with accounts currently on site eligible for these Mementos. This does mean that any past Guest Artists will receive that Memento as well!

We are working on developing the Memento concept more fully, and integrating it into the world's lore. These items tend to be made from natural and rare materials... so we hope to share more with you soon!

We'd also like to thank you all for the wonderful amount of activity and support we saw for the Linguan Pride Festival Event last month, and are going to hold it annually each June. If you have any suggestions on how to improve it or make it even more fun, let us know!


The new Monthly Prompt has been released: Sunglass Standoff





The Spotlight member this month is Provie !

We picked Provie this month for all of the wonderful art trades we saw between her and other members during the Pride Event for 2021!
We have come to realize that we have been active for such a long time that many of our wonderful members have been Spotlighted once before. At this point, members will be eligible for repeat nominations. 

As a repeat nomimation member will already have a card, this is more of an honorary distinction than an additional bonus.

We thank you so again for making this group a better place. And we wouldn't be what we are without you!



This month #331 Fate and #63 Poinsettia have taken the winning spots in our poll!

They belong to Shrike and Andie respectively!

Members who draw or write about this Paralogos or Whiffling through the month of July will get a bonus +3 flat INK or +3 Bottlecaps.

The owner of the Spotlight character will not gain this additional bonus,
but are still rewarded the normal currency from having someone else draw your owned character.


Finally... we honor:

This is a collection of some of the wonderful artworks and writing that have been submitted to our group the last month.
Thank you all for your contributions! There were so many wonderful things uploaded this past month! Please view our Gallery for more.



Please visit LogosLibrary to see who is still up for sale in general. This past month we also had a sale from GA bio-zuzu get released!
We have the Sales page on site too!


And finally, we'd like to make special mention of the birthdays this coming month of July-
tamingofthesandshrew , PromptoBeans , Howee !

Happiest of birthdays to our members celebrating this month! If you haven't signed up yet, please do as you'll get a gift!

Note: Birthday Sign-Ups are now done via Claims.
For more information on how to use this feature, please refer to the User Guide.


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