Agender Related Nonsense

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Agender Related Nonsense
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In Linguan Pride Festival 2021 ・ By SpicyIsopods, absiste

What do you get when Tio and X are in the same room? Various Agender related jokes, apperently! The bird's just here to support the cause.

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SpicyIsopods: Sketch
absiste: Painting
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SpicyIsopods Staff Member

Thank you again for collabing with me, this was a ton of fun to brainstorm and sketch, and your painting looks fantastic!! <333 Your art always has so much nice TEXTURE to it, and everyone's markings look very nice here!! I love how Tio's agender raincoat turned out, and the hints of green in the shading increase the Agender Vibes very nicely! ALSO that background is just very subtly pleasing

Also, I'm not sure if this was intentional/planned or not, but their signs really have a "very old and slightly water-damaged poster board fished out of the back of a neglected storage closet" vibe that just... seems fitting for these two, and I'm deeply appreciating it.

2021-06-28 03:53:00

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