[Comm : Gift] Paralogos Pride YCH

In YCH Art ・ By Jess
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[Comm : Gift] Paralogos Pride YCH
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In YCH Art ・ By Jess

Big ole compilation of the ychs i have finished, one is my own (Penelope) that i used as the example but the rest were commissioned!

(Cowboy was commissioned by Deyan as a gift for platonicharmonics!)

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SpicyIsopods: Commissioned
Shrike: Commissioned
platonicharmonics: Gift For
Fulgarite: Commissioned
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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

AAAAAA these turned out FANTASTIC!!! Esperanza and Cowboy turned out absolutely perfect, as did all the others!!! I especially love how Esperanza's cloud crest and aloe sprouts turned out, and Cowboy's lights and plaid look fantastic! Also, bless you for managing to get Cowboy's boots to work on a YCH, I would have screamed the entire time I was attempting that, haha. ALSO!!! I love how you made the flagpoles match the paras holding them!! What a cute little detail!! Everything about these is wonderful, thank you so much!! <333

2021-06-21 03:54:27

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