April Spotlight

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What a month! Please re-visit our recent update of site functions if you need a reminder.

We also finished up both the recent Paralogos and Whiffling raffles! Reminder that you can also claim the new Anniversary Mementos via Claims. As we have set up Whiffling MYOs as well, we now have some more activites they can be included in! For example, our Monthly Prompt now specifically mentions Whiffling inclusion, and a Prompt submission can include any amount of World of Lingua characters. (Though there is a bonus if you have 1 Paralogos, 1 Whiffling, and 1 Caretaker this month.) We'll continue to work on more updates for the species and continue on Paralogos updates over the coming months. 


The new Monthly Prompt has been released: Words and Smells - please ensure that you both SUBMIT it to the Gallery folder AND the Prompt Submission itself to be counted!




The Spotlight member this month is justlikesoup !
Thank you for joining this group, and for your lovely cast of characters you've assembled here at World of Lingua!

Thank you again for making this group a better place.
You will be awarded a membership card:

[Which we are still working on use wise, thank you for your patience.
You can of course claim the Achievement for becoming Spotlight Member!]


This month #185 Junk Worm and #105 Freshly Cleaned Cat Fur have taken the winning spots in our poll!

They belong to Deyan and Howee respectively!

Members who draw or write about this Paralogos or Whiffling through the month of April will get a bonus +3 flat INK or +3 Bottlecaps.

The owner of the Spotlight character will not gain this additional bonus,
but are still rewarded the normal ink from having someone else draw your owned character.


Finally... we honor:

This is a collection of some of the wonderful artworks and writing that have been submitted to our group the last month.
Thank you all for your contributions! There were so many wonderful things uploaded this past month! Please view our Gallery for more.



Please visit LogosLibrary to see who is still up for sale in general.  
We have the Sales page on site too!


And finally, we'd like to make special mention of the birthdays this coming month of April-
mewhaku, PrincePoke , Cloudsteps , Inkcess .

Happiest of birthdays to our members celebrating this month! If you haven't signed up yet, please do as you'll get a gift!

Note: Birthday Sign-Ups are now done via Claims.
For more information on how to use this feature, please refer to the User Guide.


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