6th Paralogos Anniversary

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As it is March 7th...

We'd love to celebrate a bit, considering this day is the 6th Anniversary of the Paralogos Species! 

mewhaku (Mew, aka me) would like to give back a little bit and hand out some gifts to celebrate the species!

With the roll of the raffle... the winners are in order:

1. PromptoBeans , 2. Shrike , 3. Celephone , 4. Howee , 5. Fulgarite , and 6. xJaydreamerx !

You will be contacted by mewhaku within 24 hours, as first she'll need to dole out the ink gifts and Mementos to all others involved!

In honor of the anniversary, and our site growing so large, we've released a special set of Memento Collectible Items. These can be claimed (including the 6th one, if you didn't already enter the raffle) via the Claims feature. 

In order to Claim an Anniversary Memento, all you need to do is provide a proof of your earliest year of activity in either the ParalogosDictionary OR Whifflings groups (artwork you may have made before membership can also count if you joined within the generally similar timeframe- say 6 months and continued to be an active member) and add it to the Claim's Comment section. This is due to the fact that we didn't have these items in earlier years, but going forward to claim future years you will need to be a site member / group member at minimum. 

Then, on the Rewards area of the claim, please select your Mementos you qualify for. You would be awarded the Memento from that year of activity, and any years after. (You qualify for the Memento starting with the year of activity- so for example, you joined 2017, you qualify for 3-> on. If you were available for 2018 you'd get 4-> on.) 

Also, as mewhaku came to realize the 1st year of activity was a bit scarce... anyone who qualifies for the 2nd year (2016-2017) will also receive the first year's Memento. (Otherwise it looks like mewhaku , Speedy, and Cloudsteps would be the only ones getting the 1st year award! But a special shoutout to those individuals all the same.) 

The reward of 6 ink per raffle entrant will be rewarded alongside the 6th Anniversary Memento as part of that grant. So thank you for your patience!  And thank you all for coming together to make this group and site what it is... a personal note from my (mewhaku) heart, I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Truly. ;_; 


[Paralogos] - Ginkgo

What a blast to the past! How far we've all come!


The Prizes for this Raffle will be the following:

  1. First Place Wins: 1 Free Custom Paralogos Design between levels 1-6 from mewhaku
  2. Second Place Wins: 1 Free Custom Paralogos Design between levels 1-3 from mewhaku
  3. Third Place Wins: 1 Free Shaded Fullbody Character Artwork (Preferably a Paralogos, but can be another feral character or Whiffling) from mewhaku
  4. Fourth Place Wins: The same as third place!
  5. Fifth Place Wins: 1 Free Shaded Headshot Character Artwork from mewhaku
  6. Sixth Place Wins: The same as fifth place!
  7. All other participants: Get 6 Ink for entering the raffle! and All Participants will earn a special Collectible/Memento in honor of the 6th Anniversary. 

You can also claim the collectible/memento to be distributed without entering the raffle, just make sure to mention that in your comment. 

To take a look at the various examples of mewhaku's work, check her DeviantArt Gallery!

How to Earn Tickets

  1. Comment on this post, and state you'd like to enter the raffle! (+1 Ticket)
  2. Mention your favorite memory of your time with the Paralogos species! (If you only recently joined, feel free to share something you're excited about for the species!) (+1 Ticket)
  3. Advertise this raffle in up to 3 locations, with a link to this post! (Up to +3 Tickets)





Shadonut Avatar

u v u)/ I'd like to enter!
My favorite memory (group related) would have to be between the rogues event and the companion + myo themed contest! Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoy whenever I get to talk about characters 1 on 1 and their various interests. (Especially with Shrikey <3 )

2021-03-31 19:18:05

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +2 Tickets for this comment!
Such good thoughts and comments here-- and yes, always character chats with Shrike are loved ;_; thank you also for being our OA and always helping us on staff of course too!!!

2021-03-31 22:24:00

Provie Avatar

I'd love to enter!

As for a favorite memory, I loved my journey of going through achievements in order to get my wicked MYO! The staff created a great system, everyone was encouraging on my journey, I created some lovely art, and at one point I even had the pleasure of seeing @mercury and @iron in person and screaming about my Alien idea with them. My wicked is truly special to me... even if I haven't gotten around to designing them yet!

dA: https://www.deviantart.com/twogoblins/status-update/22184907
TH: https://toyhou.se/~bulletins/274054.paralogos-6th-anniversary-

2021-03-26 11:03:13

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +4 Tickets for this comment!
Thank you so so much for the kind words! (I know Mouse in particular loves to know and hear of the Achievement system being so well regarded ;_; ) I can't wait to see how you design them!!

2021-03-31 22:23:16

Mercury Avatar

I'd love to enter!

Oh geez, my favourite memory... There's been a lot of good around here, haha, so it's hard to single any one thing out. But I do really love hanging around the Discord server and chatting with folk and being Nerds about Words (it does make sense for it to happen given the nature of the species, but it's nonetheless delightful). It's a rather cozy little community in general! That, and all of you folks' hard work on the site, and getting to be a part of that 💖

2021-03-26 10:54:04

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +2 Tickets for this comment!
So glad to hear that Mercury- you've been appreciated here deeply in such conversations as well!!! (and of course Lorekeeper shenanigans!!) Thank you so much for being a member. ;_;

2021-03-31 22:22:21

platonicharmonics Avatar

I'd love to enter the raffle!!

I think my favorite memory in Paralogos has to be me acquiring my first Paralogos, Honey. Ellie was so so so nice to me as I was going bonkers over the design, and they, Deyan, and truly the entire rest of the community helped me feel welcome and at home here, and enabled me to have so much fun! I'll always treasure those memories of how nice everyone was <3

Lastly, I'd love to have the memento!!

2021-03-26 09:57:38

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +2 Tickets for this comment!
Ahhh I miss Ellie being around these days myself!! So busy, but such is offline life ;_; I'm so glad to hear you share such lovely memories!
I shall indeed be auto-awarding all raffle entrants the new anniversary memento as well. We may have some more fun about that... so keep an eye out!!!

2021-03-26 10:12:37

justlikesoup Avatar

i almost forgot to enter the raffle oops
i've been a bit too busy to participate much so far, but my favorite memory would probably be either the fun series of mystery events or just chatting and brainstorming character ideas with shrike!

2021-03-26 09:03:27

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Awarded +2 Tickets for this comment!
I certainly understanding being busy - @_@; But I'm so happy that you've been having fun!! (and Shrike is lovely)

2021-03-26 10:11:26

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